Commuting to the Forest Toulemonde

I’ve been eager to re-read shunn‘s “Two Paths In the Forest Toulemonde” as part of my re-reading of SCIENCE FICTION AGE. I couldn’t get to it over the weekend because I was so busy, but I read it on the train into work this morning. While I will have more to say about the story when I make my post on the issue, let me just say two brief things:

First, it was as good as I remembered from 14 years ago. I was not disappointed.

Second, I started it with some trepidation that I might not finish before I had to get off the train. As it turns out, I completed the story as the train doors opened at my stop in Pentagon City. The problem was that the ending of the story made me, shall we say, misty-eyed, and here I was, standing in crowd of people trying to get off the train with tears in my eyes.

I can only wonder what they were thinking of me!

(And for those who have been waiting, I am hoping to get my thoughts on SF AGE Volume 2, Issue 1 out today. I’ve complete the issue and (obviously) started the next one. But I have a few thoughts to wrap up and I’m stuck in meetings most of the day today. Maybe this evening…)


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