Up for air

Fourth day in a row in which I’ve gone into my office, closed my door and worked without taking a break. Today, I didn’t stop until after 2 PM, and then it was only to get something to eat before moving on to some document review I needed to do. I’m now wrapping things up and can I just say I’m exhausted! It’s a good thing everything is re-runs. There’s absolutely no need for me to stay up and watch TV tonight, even though Tivo would be recording it anyway. I’d like to try and get some writing done today (I only managed around 800 words yesterday), but I’m pretty beat.

This week has flown by. Tomorrow is Friday! On Saturday, I’m going paint-balling with Kelly and a bunch of her friends. I’ve never done it before and it sounds like it might be fun.

I’m fast approaching the end of the B’s in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. I looked at my reading list for this year and it’s pitiful. My worst year ever in terms of total books read and total words read. It’s pathetic and will remain so, unless I finish the Encyclopedia before the year is out (which I doubt).

I’ve been working on a project to consolidate the tags that I use on my blog. I’ve used over 800 tags in the 2 years that I’ve been at this regularly. I’ve come up with a taxonomy and have been working on mapping old tags into the new taxonomy–which should be something much more manageable (one-eighth the number of tags). More on that once it’s been implemented.


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