Saturday and Sunday

Friday night was a weird one. I was exhausted from both a long night, preparing for the big rollout, followed by a long day, of second and third winds to keep going throughout the day. When I got to Kelly’s after work, I was literally running on fumes. We decided to stay in for dinner. Kelly made ravioli. Sometime around 7:30, I got into bed, barely conscious. Kelly tells me I was pretty funny throughout the night, saying things. I think I was so tired I was just hallucinating.

We had breakfast at IHOP on Saturday and then headed up to my house and spent much of the day doing laundry, cleaning up and watching a few movies. We took advantage of the mild weather to go for a walk around the lake in Greenbelt. Afterward, we did some grocery shopping and then came back and made a late lunch/early dinner. We cracked open the Grilled Cheese cookbook that he11o_sunshine and stubiebrother got me for the holidays and made one of the sandwich recipes (I think it was the California Grilled Cheese). We used the sandwich maker and they sandwiches turned out really good. Before going to bed, we watched the first half of Disney’s Escape to Witch Mountain, which I hadn’t seen since I was a kid.

We were up pretty early this morning, but spent the early part of the day lazing around a bit. I managed to finish Our Oriental Heritage. I was really hoping to finish the book at the end of January, but work got crazy. In any case, I finished it this morning and it was outstanding. More on that later. We went for another walk around the lake in Greenbelt, and then we had a late lunch at Appleby’s before Kelly headed home.

I’m back at the gym tomorrow morning. Lunch is packed and I’m about ready to head off to bed.


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