Thursday evening

Busy day, lots of meetings, and more meetings to come tomorrow. I got my state refund check in the mail today. $219. Since I’ll be in Santa Monica next week, I’ll deposit it as the credit union in person for a change, instead of mailing it in. I also got my pay stub for my paycheck tomorrow and my W-4 changes went through. The total change resulted in me paying about $300 more federal tax per check. Ouch! But maybe I won’t owe any money next year.

I got the May issue of F&SF in the mail today, along with my bill for my 2 year renewal.

I did a little bit of writing this evening, doing about 300 or 400 words on “If By Reason of Strength…” It’s coming along.

Spoke to the Norm half of vickyandnorm on the phone this evening.

Nearly 600 pages through In Memory Yet Green. Beautiful weather today. I’m taking the evening off to watch Smallville and The Office.


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