Weekend update

It was a busy weekend and I didn’t have all that much time to update this blog-thing, so here is a brief summary of the weekend.


  • Got some badly needed sleep
  • Went to the gym with Kelly; did 30-minute cardio workout
  • Kelly and Sarah went looking at wedding dresses; I was excluded on the basis of my groomhood
  • My company had it’s 60th anniversary dinner cruise on the Potomac. Though it was incredibly hot out, we went and had a very nice time hanging out with friends and co-workers.
  • We dashed out to Bowie so that Kelly could check out a David’s Bridal shop before they closed for the evening
  • We finally called it a night, and ended the evening watching The Shawshank Redemption, which Kelly had never seen before


  • Breakfast and laundry
  • Gassed up the car ($40 for 10 gallons, a new record!)
  • Drove up to Ellicot City to meet with our photographer. It was a good meeting; we signed her and put down a deposit. She was nice enough to throw in a free engagement shoot, so we have to arrange that, too
  • Came home, finished laundry, watched more of The Shawshank Redemption
  • Kelly left to go look for wedding dresses with Sarah; Kelly found a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses
  • I went to Costco and got a membership, and then, on vickyandnorm‘s suggestion, bought 2 moving kits from Costco (50 boxes)
  • Managed to pack up 3-1/2 of my large bookshelves in 24 boxes. Still have 2-1/2 bookshelves to go
  • Started reading James Frey’s new book Bright Shiny Morning which is a work of fiction and takes place in L.A. a’la Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero.
  • Lights out around 9:30 and I set my alarm for 6:30 instead of 4:20. What the heck. I deserve it.


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