Braving the Virgina DMV

Later today, I plan on braving the Virginia DMV in order to obtain a Virigina Driver’s license. I was looking through what I needed to bring with me in order to speed the process. I don’t really remember what I needed for Maryland, but Virginia wants to make sure you are who you say you are. No joke:

1. You need primary proof of identity. My Maryland drivers license (or passport) fits this bill.

2. You need secondary proof of identify. My U.S. pilot’s license fits this bill. (I keep it with me and it’s easier to present than, say, a certified copy of my school transcripts, which is one of the secondary items on the list.)

3. You need proof of legal presence. My passport works here, since I’m using my driver’s license for #1.

4. Proof of Virginia residency. Since my address hasn’t been updated in payroll yet, I can’t use a paystub. I’m stuck using a recent bank statement, which has my name and my new address.

5. (Yes, that’s right, 5 things!) Proof of social security number. My social security card works for this.

Once nice thing about the website is that it tells you average wait times for times of days and days of weeks. Since this is the middle of the week, wait times tend to be lower (20 minutes, etc.) After work, armed with these 5 items, I will attempt to obtain my license. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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