DMV, redux

I headed over the to DMV this afternoon in order to complete the last two steps of my conversion to Virginia resident: title and register my car. Last time it took about 30 minutes. This time it was about the same. I had everything I needed, my old title from Maryland, my emissions papers, my safety inspection paper. I filled out the application and got it almost all right the first time. (They ask how much you paid for your car. Since I bought the car new back in October 1996, I couldn’t recall exactly and didn’t have my diary in front of me. Turns out I guessed right. They also ask for “Fuel Type” and I put “unleaded”. I was supposed to put “gas” (as opposed to Diesel). I signed up for a 2 year registration, which gives you a slight discount.

I was surprised by two things: (1) I got my plates immediately and (2) I got my new title immediately. When I moved to Maryland 6 years ago, both were mailed to me, the title well after I submitted it to the Maryland MVA. I suppose processes have improved in the last 6 years.

When I got back from the DMV, I put the new plates on the car, along with the registration stickers, and put my new registration paperwork in the glove compartment. The title went back into the safe.

And so that it done. I am a Virginia resident. My car is registered, I have a Virginia license plate and am registered to vote in the state.

And in a little while, I’ll be leaving the state, and crossing into the District in order to play softball this evening.


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