Good writing progress

We headed to Tyson’s Corner this morning to pick up Kelly’s wedding ring, which had come yesterday.  This time, it fit perfectly.  We stopped at Cinnabon so that I could eat something.  And we stopped at Banana Republic for Kelly to do some dress shopping (and I got a shirt).  Then it was back home, where Kelly had a quick lunch and headed out to Annapolis with Sarah.

I spent the afternoon alone.  I did some reading, more of The Ghost Brigades.  I watched an episode of The Office.

And I wrote.

I worked on my workshop story and it is all falling into place.  The tips that the workshop group gave me have helped immensely and the story, which had been a kind of gel, has solidified in my head.  I found when I was writing today that I was much more conscious of the elements of story-telling that we’d been covering in the workshop.  I wrote more slowly, but I was very happy with what I wrote, and I left off knowing exactly where things pick up next time, and I’m eager to move forward.

Kelly was home around 6 or so.  I headed to the gym at around 7:30 and did a quick workout, 20 minutes of cardio.  My knee acted up and I stopped after 20 minutes.  Around 8:30, we headed to Carpool to meet up with a bunch of people for Jesseca’s birthday.  We drove around for a while looking for parking, but found nothing.  So we ended up parking at the Balston Mall.  We spent about 90 minutes at the bar before coming home.

On tap tomorrow, a dance lesson…


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