Tuesday roundup

Work was not overly busy today, but that’s mainly because I’m still waiting on people to do things.  The nice thing about today was no meetings–the only day this week where that is true.  Worked until about 4:30 today and then met Kelly at "our spot" outside Ann Taylor and we headed home.  I needed a shave badly–it has been since Thanksgiving.  I took care of that.  Then I made dinner.  Nothing fancy tonight–mac and cheese and some peas to go along with it.  he11o_sunshine  would have hated it, but Kelly loves peas. 

I finished Rob Sawyer’s Frameshift today.  It was a good read, a definite page turned, but I didn’t think it was quiet as good as some of his more recent stuff.  At lunch I started on Uncertainty by David Lindley.

When I got home this evening, the November 29 issues of NEW SCIENTIST was waiting for me in the mail.  I’ll try and get through some of that tonight, but I want to get through more of Uncertainty because that’s really research for my current story.


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