Word Press

Tonight, I installed WordPress on my domain server.  I did this primary as a content management tool to make it less time consuming to manage my new website.  However, the more I looked at the features and capabilities of Word Press, the more impressed I became.  And so, I’ve decided to give it a chance as a primary blogging tool as well.

This does not mean I’ve given up on LiveJournal!

I’m still heavily invested in LiveJournal as a social networking site.  I still read lots of blogs there and I plan to continue this.  I found a Word Press plug-in called LJ-XP that allows me to cross-post my blog entries at jamierubin.net to LiveJournal automatically.  This post, in fact, was automatically cross-posted.  You can still leave comments on LiveJournal, but you can also leave comments here.  Over time, I hope to make this my main site, although I plan on continuing to cross-post to LJ for the foreseeable future.

There is an easy import tool to get LJ posts imported into Word Press and I’ve done that for all my posts for 2009.  I’m still fooling around with things so the new site and new blog are not perfect yet.  They’ll get better over time.

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