Site, site, site!

Work was a bit calmer today than the past 2 weeks, which was nice.  I had one meeting today and have two meetings tomorrow (on at 5 pm), but otherwise, it wasn’t too bad.

This evening, I spent a lot of time working on the new site.  I’ve created my first PlugIn for WordPress–one that pulls data from my story submission database and renders it on a WordPress “page”.  This was more a proof-of-concept to show that I really can use WordPress as a content management system.  The proof of concept worked.  (The page will be available soon under the “Writing” section.  It means that I can also make my reading lists available via Pages.  Those lists are currently kept in a MySQL database, just like the submission lists.

Not much reading, writing, or gym lately.  Now that I am over the hump on the training and on the new site update, I’m hoping I’ll get back in the groove soon.

We stopped to do some grocery shopping after work.  I made us a spinach strawberry and kiwi salad for dinner tonight, and some grilled cheese sandwiches to go along with it  The salad and the dressing came out really nicely.

Going to watch Life On Mars and then I’m heading off to bed.

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