I was at RavenCon this weekend (about which I will have more to say in a subsequent post) and while there, I attended a session on Blogging for Writers.  Among the panelists were   and Edmund Schubert, both great guys (and during this particular session, bon vivants). The discussion revolved around why writers blog, and the pros and cons thereof.  It so happened that I had been thinking about this topic for a while, and the discussion that took place convinced me of a decision that I had, perhaps, already subconsciously made:

I have to cut back on my blogging.

There are several reasons for this, but first and foremost is that I now have the feeling (as many writers before me have discovered) that most of the writing I do should be on stuff that I am trying to sell.  Granted, I write short stories.  Yet up until now, I’ve written two or three a year at most.  My aim is much higher now.  One might reasonably ask how a brief blog entry each day can really impact short story writing.  Let me answer in terms of real number.  Since I started my blog in January 2006, I have written just over a three-quarter of a million words.  That’s the equivalent of producing 8 or 9 science fiction novels in the span of three years (or two fantasy novels of the same amount of time).  Now, I don’t yet write novels.  And I certainly couldn’t write a quarter of a million words in short fiction.  But I can certainly use some of this time to do more fiction writing.

A second reason is obvious to anyone who follows this blog:  we have a baby coming soon, and caring for the baby will take lots of time.  Some things have to be sacrificed, and I feel that I can sacrifice the blog writing.

Finally, most of what I write on this blog amuses me, but isn’t really useful or interesting to anyone else.  So in that sense, why bother?

This doesn’t mean I’m quitting blogging cold turkey.  On the contrary, I am redirecting my aim.  Those blog entries I do write should be useful not only to myself but to others too.  It’s my idea that I will continue to blog about a few topics, primarily writing and science fiction.  Both of these are relevant to me, because they tie into my ambitions to be a science fiction writer.  But they might be useful to other writers as well.  I’m still a fairly new writer, and it’s my idea to write about those things that new writers experience and deal with.  Maybe this will help someone like me.  I can’t say that I won’t write any entries about the new baby or an occasional entry about some other topic, but going forward, the main theme of this blog will be on writing and science fiction.  And it won’t be everyday.  I imagine at first it will be several times a week, and eventually, fall into some regular schedule.

For those who do follow everyday, I’m sure most of you will be greatly relieved by this change.  For those who enjoyed all of the mundane stuff I wrote about, fear not:  I will be continuing to micro-blog on twitter (follow me) and these get relayed to Facebook.  Since these are fast and easy to do, I see no need to give these up.

Also, I will continue to read all of my friends blogs.  I couldn’t dream of giving that up at this point.


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