An open letter to Verizon

Dear Verizon,

I don’t want FiOS.  I am very happy with Cox cable.  I put a great deal of thought into decisions like these and spamming me with repeated blasts of junk mail trying to make me change my mind does you a lot more harm than good.  But since you insist on sending me this junk, let me take you through your letter and explain in detail the problems that I have with it:

First, you say that FiOS:

delivers fiber optics straight to the home, for a pure HD signal and picture quality that “redefines” remarkable.

I won’t quibble about what is meant by “pure HD signal”, but I have lot of difficulty with a picture quality that redefines remarkable.  The standard definition (no pun intended) of “remarkable” is something like “worthy of being noticed”.  How does your picture quality redefine this.  I find it remarkable that you make this statement without an evidence to back it up.

You go on to say

And just wait until you try FiOS Internet–the speeds are mind-bending.

My guess is this is a rather poor attempt at metaphor.  At least, I hope that it is. I want fast Internet (which Cox provides without all of the hubbub).  I don’t want brain damage in the process.

With regard to your Verizon Freedom Essentials phone service, you say you provide

unlimited, nationwide residential calling and popular calling features, all on a 99.9% reliable voice network.

Sounds good, but it’s like speech recognition software that is 99.9% accurate.  For every 1,000 minutes of calling, I’m likely to run into a problem.  That seems pretty high.  (In all honesty, however, I can’t say AT&T is much better, but with them at least I get to use my iPhone.)

Finally, what’s with the envelop?  It’s huge, far bigger than what is needed for such an advertisement and not very “green”.  Add to the fact that I have received 6 of these over the last 6 weeks and it sounds to me like you have 2 serious problems:

  1. You are wasting a lot of paper, which is not good for the environment.
  2. The money you are spending on this campaign is probably being passed through to your fairly high cost of service, and you might be able to lower your prices if it wasn’t for such a repetitive advertising campaign.

Bottom line: trust me when I say that I am not interested in FiOS.  Please don’t send me any more ads.  Each add I receive makes me less likely to want FiOS.  What I want is a company that listens to me and doesn’t pester me wasteful ads.

I’m hoping this will catch the attention of some of the trolls you have watching out for bad press and something can be done about this.


Jamie Todd Rubin

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