Catching up

So I haven’t posted much since my birthday.  It’s time to catch up.  First, in case anyone was wondering, my experiment of going completed “dark” for my birthday was met with partial success.  I glanced at the number of email messages I had accrued at some point late in the afternoon.  Otherwise, I stayed away from the Internet for the entire day.

In order to keep this relatively short and simple, here is the list of key events that have happened since we last spoke:

  • I filed our tax returns on my birthday and we are patiently awaiting our refund.
  • Our eldest cat, Simon, passed away on my birthday.  He’d been sick for a few months and we didn’t want him to suffer.  It made for a muted day.  A character in my latest story is named after him.
  • We had friends in town from San Antonio, Texas.  These are friends that we met shortly after Zach was born.  They have a baby just a few days older than Zach.  It was great to have them in town…
  • …especially for Kelly since I had to go to Los Angeles for 5 days for our annual planning retreat.  Our friends were here with Kelly while I was gone so she didn’t have to struggle on her own with Zach in my absence.
  • We had some water damage in our guest room closet (a walk-in closet) caused by a leak in the fiberglass structure of the downstairs shower.  There was mold, too, and it cost a pretty penny to repair the damage, but in the end, everything is completely fixed, the mold is gone, and we found a good plumber and a good handyman company in the process.
  • I have gotten almost no writing done.
  • I have started my annual habit of reading Isaac Asimov’s autobiographies (I. Asimov, In Memory Yet Green, and In Joy Still Felt), although it’s going a bit slower than usual.
  • I broke out the grill for the first time this season to cook dinner on a few nights.
  • Until today, it has been in the 80s and close to 90 degrees just about all week here.

That’s about it.  I hope to get back to the regular kind of blogging schedule I once maintained without big gaps like this.  I mean, for crying out loud, Eric now authors four blogs and I can’t even seem to maintain one.  What is the world coming to?


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