Date night

Kelly and I had a date night tonight.  It was a rescheduled date night from 2 weeks ago.  At the time, we’d planned to go out to celebrate my birthday.  Then Kelly ate some spinach salad that didn’t agree with her and we had to postpone our date a few weeks. We finally made it up tonight.  Our babysitter arrived around 6 pm, and off we went.

We started with dinner at Hard Times.  I’d been craving chili and their chili hit the spot, on the second try.  (I rarely send food back, but the chili I was served first time around was cool.)  One forgets what dining is like without an active baby in tow.  It was a pleasant meal, and our plan had been to walk around Clarendon afterward.  But it was chilly out.  So we dipped in and out of shops, until we finally arrived at Barnes & Noble.

Once in the book store, we found some seats and proceeded to play a game of Life on the iPhone.  When that was done, we started randomly pulling romance novels off the shelf and reading excerpts out lout to one another.  I swear, some of those books are so heavy on the adverbs you’d think they were pulp fiction.  Next, we wound our way through the fiction section, identifying books that we’d read until we’d ended up between the self-help and “romance” book section.

Here, we gleefully made fun of some of the books, mocking them with delight.  Kelly picked up a “how well do you know your wife” quiz book, while I picked up the “how well do you know your husband” companion and we began quizzing one another. Turns out we know each other pretty well, which I understand is a good thing.

At 9:30, we left the book store, strolled through the cool night air back to the car and drove home.  Zachary was sleeping in the babysitters arms.  I even managed to get him into his crib, and for a wonder, he is still there.

You know, it wasn’t a big fancy date night, and maybe being a parent and pushing 40 changes the way one thinks about date nights, but I have to say it was a lot of fun.  I think we’re going to try to make this a regular thing.


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