Mid-week updates

I’m just trying to keep up with everything I have going on. I was finally able to complete something at work that I’d been wanting to get done for quite some time. Other factors (like servers going down) were getting in the way but it is done now so I can say I got something accomplished today.

I was planning on spending lunch today finishing up my critiques for the Arlington Writers Group tonight, but we have our group holiday lunch today, so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to get done at lunchtime. It might have to wait until I get home from work.

I have half a dozen other things on my list that I’m trying to squeeze in today, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get back to writing tomorrow. Story #8 has a promising start. The story involves some medical-related stuff so I sent a list of questions to my good friend, Richard Peterson, M.D., and he responded quickly to my query, giving me very helpful answers to all of my technical questions, so I can now proceed with the rest of the story, making use of the information he gave me, which is critical to the plot. I’m hoping to get that story finished, and one more–Story #9 which is my humorous attempt at jumping on the zombie bandwagon–before the end of the year. It would nice to be able to finish the year with 10 stories, but 9 is 3 times more then I’ve ever done before so I can’t complain.

Still lots of other things going on this week, including the Little Man’s school’s first Parent’s night on Friday. I’m hoping to keep up with posting, but if I falter over the next few days, well, at least you know why.


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