A new story underway

I needed a mental break from the hard s.f. novelette, “Rescue” so last night I turned toward another story that I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. My working title is “Immigrant” and it is still science fiction, just not space opera. In fact, not a single element of it as far as I can tell evolves anything in space, so it it is a pleasant change.

I’ve worked on the opening of this story in fits and starts and have never been able to get it quite right–until last night. Thought it’s first draft material, I’m pleased with the opening scene and I also wrote the second scene for a grand total of about 1,200 words. Right now the story feels like it will grow to the size of around 6,000 words, but that could grow or shrink by the time the second draft is complete. I think I have a pretty original idea for this one–not that that’s a requirement by any means.

The story requires some medical background, and my good friend, Dr. Richard Peterson, provided me with some valuable assistance in this area. He has now been officially Tuckerized in the story–as a lawyer arguing before the Supreme Court–as opposed to a doctor.

I feel like if I keep at it, I can have a draft of this story finished up in a week or so. Then I can clean it up, do a second draft, send it out to my early readers and in the meantime, maybe get back to the novelette.


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