Taking care of business

It seems that every year as I get ready to head to L.A., I’m in a mad rush to take care of a bunch of things above and beyond the usual fiction writing, Golden Age vacationing, column writing and other parts of my avocation that are, in themselves, above and beyond family obligation and the day job. This annual meeting has, over the last several years, migrated from mid-April to late-February but it really doesn’t matter. I always feel like I’m in a full-spring race up until the moment the car picks me up to head to the airport. (Less than 3-1/2 days from now, if you’re counting.)

For instance, it’s approaching tax time. I have gathered just about everything we need to send off to the accountant, and yet I haven’t actually sent the package off yet. There are one or two little things I still need to collect, but I’d like to get the stuff in the mail by Saturday–before I head to Los Angeles.

(And speaking of taxes, we received notice from the local tax administration that our house had been reassessed and the value went up! Apparently so did 64% of the residences in our county. That was some good news.)

I have a manuscript to send out. It’s been sitting idle for a few days now which is a few days longer than usual but I’ve been too busy lazy to get to the post office. Well, when I go to the post office on Saturday to mail off my tax paperwork to the accountant, I’ll mail off the manuscript as well.

There are a gaggle of light bulbs that seem to have gone out around the same time and that I need to replace, particularly ones at the top of the stairs. I want to get these replaced before I go to that Kelly and the Z-man don’t have to traverse a dark hallway at night. Last weekend I cleaned the exterior of some of the windows of the house. It would be nice to get that finished up before I got. Because, you know, clean windows are nice, especially after they’ve been grimy all winter.

I have a pile of paperwork that needs to be scanned in so that I can get rid of the paper. I have a stack of New Scientist magazines and Scientific American’s that have collected dust on my desk. I won’t get to those anytime soon but every time I look at them, I feel slightly stressed that anything I know about science is slowly leaking out of my ears.

I had intended to watch Discovery make its final flight into space today. 20 minutes before the launch I decided I had too much other stuff to do.

I’m thankful for my little respites in the Golden Age of science fiction because for 30 minutes, 60 minutes here and throughout the day, I can forget about all of this stuff and disappear into classic pre-war science fiction. In fact, as soon as this is posted, I’m heading off to read part 3 of “Gray Lensman”.


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