The Little Man turns two

It’s hard to believe that he’s two already, but as of today, the Little Man is not so little anymore.

I found some notes I jotted down on the day he was born. I remember jotting the notes because I assumed the day would be mostly a blur for me. As it turns out, I still remember it pretty well, but the notes are nice reminders of how the day really went.  Here are a few of them:

Up at 3am, couldn’t sleep, back to sleep (on couch) at 4am, up at 5am when the alarm goes off. Left for the hospital at 5:45am.

I’d forgotten about sleeping on the couch for the last part of the morning. Next:

Got to the hospital at 6:05am, checked in, signed lots of papers and requested a private room (which we got). Up at the “bunny desk” at 6:20am.

The “bunny desk” was where you went to check into the maternity department. So called because there were stuffed bunnies everywhere.

6:40am, all hooked up to the monitors and can hear the Little Man’s heartbeat. Cord blood registry stuff in the works. Kelly’s in her gown. My hearts picking up the pace a bit.

6:45am, IV is in and the nurse got their blood draw for the cord blood. Kelly says that the vein they drew from is bugging her.

I don’t remember anything about the blood draw or Kelly complaining about the vein afterward.

7:10am, second nurse arrives. Kelly has already gone through a bag a saline.

7:20am, we get briefed by the nurse on what happens. We met the circulation nurse and agreed to allow a student to observe. Student’s name is Jason.

Completely forgot the part about the student.

7:25am, our OB came by to brief us.

7:30am, the anesthesiology nurse came by to brief us and we are waiting for Jeff (our anesthesiologist). He arrives at 7:40.

Finally, we are moved.

7:55am Kelly is in the operating room; I’m getting into my gear; almost shaking with adrenaline.

Little Man was born about 10 minutes later or so. After that, there are only a couple more notes, the first of which isn’t until 6:30 that evening (we were busy!). But that 6:30 note is pretty amusing:

6:30pm: “Tar” diaper

Meaning, of course, that the Little Man had his first dirty diaper.

We are having a BBQ later this afternoon to celebrate his birthday and he’s already opened his big present, which was a massive train table with lots of track and various appurtenances of train life. He played with it for hours.

Happy birthday, Little Man!

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