I’m a Strange Horizons fund drive contest winner!

Last week I donated money to Strange Horizons annual fund-raising drive. In the even you don’t know what Strange Horizons is, they are an online science fiction magazine and have been around for more than a decade. (I mentioned them in my most recent Wayward Time Traveler column on SF Signal.) In any case, on the day that I donated, they were having a contest. One winner would be drawn to win signed, hardback copies of Paul Cornell’s Lex Luthor arc for Action Comics.

I found out this afternoon that I was the randomly selected winner!

This caps of an interesting week of science fiction and writing-related news for me. And it’s kind of cool that the comic I won was Action Comics because I just recently started reading the relaunched Action Comics and Superman as part of DC Comics relaunch. I guess that’s what they call serendipity.

Incidentally, Strange Horizons still has its main drawing, the winner of which will receive an e-book of Strange Horizons for 2010. If you like what Strange Horizons does (and how can you not) you should consider making a donation.


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