What’s old is new again

Today is a big day in the Rubin household. After nearly 5 months on maternity leave, Kelly headed back to work today. Of course, that meant that the Little Miss went off to daycare and indeed today is her first day there. And the Little Man is in school as usual, but really, nothing was business as usual this morning. After 5 months of a more relaxed morning routine, things changed today.

I was up at 5:30 so that I could get my writing in. I had breakfast and did get my writing done, thankfully. We aimed to be out of the house at 7am and were out of the house at 7:10 or so, not too bad considering a new morning routine, but still not great for us. Usually we hit our marks.

But those marks have changed. Not only do lunches need to be made for the Little Man, but a variety of things (like milk) need to be supplied for the Little Miss. Kelly and I have to work together to get ourselves and both kids ready quickly and with minimal fuss. It probably didn’t help that neither of us slept well last night. Still, all things considered we were pretty organized about it and I imagine things will get better with each passing day.

The Little Man was probably the most affected. Aside from being back in his own bed, he’d gotten used to a somewhat later schedule and to be pulled out of bed at 6:30am was unexpected for him this morning, I think. He managed.

We dropped the Little Man off at school and then headed to the daycare to drop off the Little Miss. Fortunately it is all in a nice neat line on our way to work, and the reverse coming home. Once both kids were dropped off, Kelly and wondered how the Little Miss was going to do at her first day at daycare. I guess we’ll find out when we pick her up this evening.


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