Coming in April: Weekly “Going Paperless” tips

As Evernote’s Paperless Lifestyle ambassador, I am frequently asked about going paperless. What tips can I give? How have I done it? What problems have I run into? I’ve decided that a weekly “tips” post is in order to help to stem the tide and also to (hopefully) provide some advice and ideas for those who are interested in pursuing a paperless lifestyle.

I’ll do one “tips” post each week. I haven’t yet decided which day of the week, most likely either Tuesday or Thursday. The first few posts will cover the basics, how to get started, what tools I use, what tools are essential, taxonomy, security, etc. Then I’ll move on to some more real-world topics, things I that I personally do and find useful. I’ve got about 20 weeks worth of posts outlined so far, but I’m open to suggestions if anyone has some.

The series of posts will be called “Going Paperless” (a kind of compliment to my Going iPad series of posts from last year) and the first post should be out the first week in April and every week thereafter, until I run out of ideas.


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