NaNoWriMo 2012: Day 5 Progress Report

It’s back to the work-week, which means I am back to doing my writing in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed. Tonight I wrote for about 2 hours, and while a lot of what I wrote felt like info-dump, I am beginning to recognize the structure of the story and see all of the parts. And I know that it will look very different in the second draft. But that is a good thing. By recognizing that, I am no encumbered by worries of what I write on any given day. It is a sketch and I won’t start using ink to shape it until the next pass.

So I managed to add just shy of 2,500 words tonight, bringing my 5-day total to 13,005 words. Here are my official Day 5 stats:

NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 5.png

I’m getting into a groove, but I did think I’d be farther along in the story than I am, and already I realize that a lot of compression is going to be taking place in the next draft. Still, I am well ahead of the curve in terms of writing, which is good because I will be out of town on Thursday and Friday and I’ll need to try to cram my writing in while on a plane. Being this far ahead of par gives me a little breathing room.

I’m pleased with what I accomplished tonight, as you can tell from my photo below, taken just after I finished.


Tomorrow will be interesting because it’s Election Day and I’m sure that when I’m doing my writing in the evening, I’ll be tempted to check to see how things are turning out. Maybe it will be good to have a 2-hour break and focus on something other than incoming polling numbers.

How’d everyone else fare today?


  1. Oh, my. I think you just put voice to a lot of my thoughts on progress so far.

    I was thinking, Is it just me, or is this plot kind of sluggish, like molasses is sluggish in January?

    And I’ve decided that my December will be when I take what will likely end up being my 90,000 words, remove the crap, re-do the stuff that has potential, add some stuff that’s actually well-thought-out, and end up with 30,000 words of mediocrity, at the rate I’m going.

    But I figured out tonight who my real antagonist is and some major plot elements. And I had my first attempted-murder.

    Thanks so much for posting this. It’s good to know I’m not alone in some of these things!

  2. I beat my target for the day, hitting 2629 words with a total to date of 13921. I should be plenty happy with the quantity, but the weird part is that I had thought my count would be higher. I put in a lot of time tonight, seemed like I was clipping right along, but the machine says otherwise. I must have gotten lost in thought along the way.

    I got a good start on a sub-plot line which will be the catalyst for the main plot line’s climactic scene. The parts are fitting together pretty well for a first draft. I now have a better sense of my story and more of my characters. I’m not thinking about revisions right now. I will be ecstatic to just end up with a first draft, as flawed and incoherent as it may be.


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