Happy π Day!

It is March 14, also know as 3/14, or “Pi” day since that mathematical constant is often rounded to 3.14. If we consider the subsequent digits, 15926, for instance, then I suppose we’ve already missed Pi hour, minute and second which would have taken place today (3/14) at 1:59:26am.

I suppose that Pi day is celebrated by some with pie. Pie, it might seem at first glance, shares nothing with Pi, other than the English homophone, but I don’t think that’s quite true. After all, pies are generally circular in shape. That means you can perform little magic trick: measure the circumference of your pie. Then measure the diameter of your pie. Divide the latter into the former the result will always be Pi. This is true for apple, peach, pumpkin, Boston Cream, chocolate, you name it. It is true for big pies as well as small pies.

I am not, alas, celebrating my Pi day with pie. I am celebrating it with cupcake. Kelly went to dinner last night and brought me back a gourmet cupcake with Guinness frosting. I’ll let you know how that is after I’ve had a chance to eat it.

Happy π day!


  1. My daughters’ school celebrates Pi day with two contests: a pie-eating contest and another to see who can recite the most digits of Pi. My 12th grade daughter had memorized up to 90 digits last night. She won last year and was doing everything in her power to ensure a repeat performance this year 🙂


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