Another Busy Weekend

Wow, things have been busy! This weekend flew by with barely time to breath, it seemed. On Saturday we took the kids up to the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore to see Thomas the Train. We’ve done it before and they enjoy it. The weather was nice, which was an added bonus. We had a picnic lunch up there with some friends. Then we had to rush back home so that the kids could go to a birthday party Saturday afternoon.

I didn’t go to the birthday party. I used that time to try to relax for a little while. I didn’t read, I didn’t write. I gave my brain a few hours off. I ended up distracting myself by watching Skyfall, which I hadn’t seen yet. It was entertaining, but nothing special. The most remarkable thing I find about James Bond pictures these days is that they’ve been around so long, entire generations have entertained themselves with the films the way I did on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was another busy day. The Little Man had t-ball bright and early at 9am. When that was over, we had to dash over to a local park for another birthday party. And then, later in the afternoon, we had some friends over. The evening was even more chaotic than usual for a Sunday evening.

I managed to get a good writing session in on Saturday, writing more than 1,100 words. Yesterday, I was lucky to get in 250 words, given how crazy things were last night. But I did get the writing in as I have done now every day for the last 61 days and that makes a big difference.

Even my reading suffered over the weekend. I had been averaging 3-4 hours/day listening to audio books, but I don’t think I cracked 1-1/2 hours either Saturday or Sunday. And of course, I managed to do absolutely no blogging. But I am back today, and tomorrow I’ll have a new Going Paperless post up. I’m really looking forward to my vacation right about now.

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