My 2007 European Vacation on Flickr

For some reason, I thought I’d lost most of the photos I’d taken during my 2007 vacation in Europe. As it turns out, I had only “lost” the account and password under which I had stored them. I couldn’t access the account and back in 2012, I created a new Flickr account, which is the one I use today.

Recently, I remembered an old login name and password I used to use and tried it on the old Flickr account–and it worked! I spent some time transferring the 2,000 some-odd photos of that vacation from the old Flickr account to the my current one.

For those interested in seeing pictures from when I was in Europe (Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, and London) in 2007, you can find the collection (which contains a dozen or more photo sets) here:

And since I have been slowly consolidating all of my photos to a single source–Flickr1–those who wish to social network with me over there can check out my Flickr profile.

  1. More on this next month.

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