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Approaching 4,000 posts

I noticed this morning that I’m fast approaching my 4,000th post. I started regular blogging back in January 2006 and virtually never missed a day for the next three and a half years or so. Things tapered off for a while, I posted much less frequently, but since October or so, I’ve been back to regular posting and it seems that this will continue into the foreseeable future.

Like diaries, many people start blogs and I imagine they often last a week, a month, perhaps even a year. Even so, I imagine that the posts grow more infrequent unless there is some reason to continue. I enjoy blogging, and I have made some good friends through the process. I like the social interaction, the discussions and comments. Most of all, I like the feedback that I get. Despite the fact that I originally started this for myself, as a kind of fun activity to keep me writing, I’ve had a number of people tell me that they enjoy my posts and that pleases me and keeps me going.

4,000 posts seems pretty remarkable to me. I’m no John Scalzi, but I think it does show a fair amount of dedication.

And so, as I approach this milestone, it occurred to me that the 4,000th post should be something special. And I’m looking for suggestions. I’m not sure that I’ve ever asked readers of this blog for suggestions on blog topics before and that is long overdue. So, if you are a reader of this blog and you have an idea for s special topic for my 4,000th post, leave a comment with the suggestion. I’ll pick the one I like the best and use it for the 4,000th post. And if there are more than a few suggestions, I’ll use the others as an occasional lead-up to that 4,000th post.

Top 10 most popular posts for 2010

Barring any unexpected or unusual activity on the blog today, here are my top 10 blog posts for 2010 ranked in order of most hits to fewest hits:

  1. Scrivener 2.0: My month-long test drive
  2. Scrivener: The ultimate writer’s tool
  3. (Almost) Everything I learned about science I learned from Isaac Asimov
  4. Frederik Pohl v. Mark Rich
  5. A Review of C.M. Kornbluth by Mark Rich
  6. How I became a professional science fiction writer
  7. NaNoWriMo Day 20: The Win!
  8. So this guy walks into a door
  9. Fan first, writer second
  10. The SFWA Author and Editor Reception

All but 2 are writing related and the Asimov one is really tangentially related to writing. The writing stuff seems to be what people are most interested in.

New website and blog location

I finally hashed out the issues that I was having with my WordPress installation and we have agreed on a mutually beneficial configuration.  My newly redesigned website (minus some forthcoming banner artwork) is once again up and running.  This website will also be the authoritative source for my blog.  Keep in mind that posts that I make here will still repost to LiveJournal and Facebook.  But all comments will be redirected here.

To that end, I have tried to make commenting simple and painless.  If you already have a LiveJournal, Facebook, Google, Blogger, WordPress or OpenID account, you can use those accounts to authenticate here and leave comments.  Simply click on the comment link and follow the instructions to sign in using one of those accounts.

And let me know if something isn’t working.