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The new GPS

As I mentioned earlier, our GPS died yesterday. It was a Garmin GPS (the model number escapes me at the moment) but it provided outstanding service for almost exactly 4 years. This morning, I replaced the device with a Garmin Nuvi 1450LMT device.


Naturally, I bought another Garmin device. Aside from the old one working so well, I used Garmin products back when I used to fly and I find them to be extremely dependable. And boy, have GPS’s come a long way in the last four years. This one has a number of cool features:

  • It is a “flat” device, thin and with a bigger screen than the old GPS.
  • It has that cool lane transition screen that shows you in detail which lane you need to be in on those complex interchanges.
  • It shows you the speed limit in the area in which you are driving.
  • It shows you the direction of the next turn right on the navigation screen. On my old GPS, I had to change to a different screen to see this.

One other really cool thing about this device: it came with free lifetime map upgrades and free lifetime traffic.

I already have it set up in the car, with the wiring behind the dashboard like the old GPS, and I’ve tested it out. It’s pretty cool.

It’s also nice to have been able to replace the broken one so quickly. We’ll give the new GPS a real test tomorrow when we drive home.

Feed your writer’s block

From time-to-time, I get into a rut where it seems like nothing I write is any good. This can be self-propagating. You write more and it feels worse, so you write even more and that seems even worse. In reality, it isn’t. When this happens to me, however, writing doesn’t seems as fun as it should and I begin to despair. Science fiction conventions can often turn this around, getting me excited about what I am writing, once again. Yet while there is probably a science fiction convention taking place every weekend of the year, I can only get to three or four, and they don’t often coincide with feeling down about my writing. Fortunately, I’ve discovered something that works just as well:

Writers lunches.

Yesterday, for instance, I had lunch with Juliette Wade, whose three stories in Analog have impressed just about everyone who has read them. Until yesterday, Juliette and I had never met in person, although we chat quite frequently online. (She is working on a fantastic novel that I have been getting to read quite literally as the chapters come off the presses.) But she happens to be in town and yesterday we spent several hours talking shop while taking bites of food in between.

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