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Last minute productivity

It always seems to be a race to the end of the year. I’ve been feeling pretty lazy these last couple weeks but today I started knocking things off the old mental to-do list. I sent out a slew of “thank you” notes for various gifts I received for the holidays (is it me, or is the sending of a thank you note becoming a dying art?). I also finally got around to renewing my season tickets to the Orioles for 2006. It’s the same seats we’ve had the past 2 years, and the same price too for the 13 Sunday games. This year, however, 3 of those 13 games are against the Yankees, which means I’ll get to see them more than I normally do in a regular season.

I’m halfway though Forward the Foundation but should finish it tonight. That will complete my 4th reading of the entire original FOUNDATION books (although the last time was back in 1998). More on that later.

Jen heads back up to New York this afternoon on the Vamoose so the house will once again be quiet. My plan is to finish up my book, finish writing the remaining code for the new reading list site, and get started on a new short story.

Maybe I’ll even get the house cleaned up in between.