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Permanent account!

I am now the proud owner of a LiveJournal permanent account. That’s right, an LJ account that never expires! They are having a special week-long sale right now and it cost me $150 for the account upgrade. I get something like 138 userpics (always increasing) and 10 GB of disk space for pictures, plus several other features. And they donate a portion of my payment to charity!

I wondered what would happen with the time I had left on my paid account. They took care of that too. I was able to transfer my paid account time and extra userpic time to another user. Both were transferred to strausmouse. He now has a 133 day extension on his paid LJ account and 126 days of paid extra user pics (something like 100 more).

As frequently as I use LJ, this was worth it to me. I don’t have to pay any more bills and I have grown fond of the interface and functionality of the system, to say nothing of the cool updates that they make every now and then.

Catching up

I know I’m a few days behind my usually plethora of blog entries, but I promise I will be catching up in the next day or two. Since these will be back-dated posts, you’ll need to see them on my regular blog rather than your friends page (if you are interested).

I got to work late today, and because I didn’t want to park in the top of the Metro parking structure, I decided to walk to the Metro station this morning. It only takes about a half hour to walk and it was actually kind of nice. It means, of course, that I will be walking home, too, later this afternoon.

The debate on the decline of science fiction

Edmund Schubert continues a debate on his blog that Rob Sawyer started, asking if speculative fiction is an endangered species. Edmund was asking for thoughts on this topic and the question struck a chord with me. I posted a rather lengthy response in which I take the role of the optimist and argue for three steps that s.f. writers can take to help reverse this trend.

Blog archive

I downloaded and archived all of my blog entries today in order to back them up to DVD along with all of my other files, which I usually do twice a year. In downloading all of my blog entries, I also did a word count. The 1,600+ entries total nearly 500,000 words! Uncompressed, they measure just over 3 MB, but since it is entirely plain text (or XML at any rate) that should shrink substantially once compressed.

Killin’ time

I’m done with work for the day, but hanging around until happy hour, which will begin around 5:30, so I have some time to kill.

I talked to Doug on the phone earlier today and it was good to hear from him. He sounded like he was as ready to get out of the office for the week as I am, although I have to say this week went by surprisingly fast.

Ah, the weekend! What to do? Reading, certainly. Spring cleaning, too. I still have the guest room closet to finish cleaning out. The kitchen floor could use some mopping, and I need to clean the bathroom. The entire house could use a good vacuuming. And the yard is starting to look like it could use some work too. I’d like to, perhaps, squeeze in a little bit of writing this weekend if I can. And there’s the Italian lessons. But I don’t want to overdo it. I need some time to just relax.

Baseball season starts up next week and I’m looking forward to that, although I’ve opted out of ordering the MLB package this year. If I ordered it, I’d just stay up late watching Yankee games and I have to get to bed at a decent hour, old man that I’ve become. Besides, I’m looking for some ways to cut back on my spending and the two hundred dollars or so that I save by forgoing the games is a step in that direction.

As part of the spring cleaning, I’m thinking about reorganizing my LJ tags, which have proliferated wildly out of control. To do this efficiently, I’d need to wrote a little PHP program, but I already have the PHP-LJ library so it’s just a matter of writing code and remapping tags. I haven’t decided yet.

MySpace may have paid off!

I was browsing myspace when I woke up this morning and decided to put in the names of some people that I haven’t seen in a long time. I put in 4 or 5 names and none had any matches. Then I put in the name “brent zoba” and got a hit. It’s 34 year-old guy living in Naples, Florida. But his profile says he used to live in New Jersey. We’re the same age and our birthdays are relatively close together. I checked out some pictures on the profile. Now, keep in mind I haven’t seen this guy in just about 25 years, but based on the picture, it has to be him.

Brent lived just across the street from me for the 7 years that I lived in Somerset, New Jersey and back then, we were best friends. I saw him once after we moved from New Jersey to Rhode Island, and then never again.

I sent him a message via myspace and I’m waiting to hear back. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: I heard back from Brent and it is the same Brent from Somerset, NJ! It’s really cool to be back in touch after 25 years.