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Out to lunch!

Here’s a first: I’m going to sit outside and read at lunch today. Now, there’s nothing unusual about that, strictly speaking. I often go and sit outside to read at lunch. During the summer!. But we’re talking January 8. In Washington, D.C.! The skies are blue and the temperature here in Arlington is going to hit 72 degrees!

I actually managed to turn the light off last night at 8:30 PM so that I got a nearly full night’s sleep. (I say nearly because I woke up at 3:40 AM to the sound of Zeke throwing up on the carpet. He was okay, but I had trouble getting back to sleep after that.) I was into the office at 5:40 AM, but instead of going to the gym, I started working right away and I’ve been working ever since–6 hours already and it’s not even lunch time!

Hopefully I’ll get back into the gym tomorrow. In a way, I’ve been holding off because I know how crowded the gym is the first few weeks after New Year’s, before 90% of the people who made resolutions to get into better shape fall off the wagon.

Cold morning

It was cold here this morning. When I left for work this morning, it was 19 degrees out. I realize that this is not as cold as it was up where strausmouse lives, but it’s still pretty darn cold! Fortunately, the air was dry so car windows were not iced over.

Temperature is supposed to rise up into the 40s tomorrow which will be much more seasonable.

Lazy Sunday

The weather today reminds me of winter in L.A.: overcast, rainy, cool, but to cold. It’s the perfect weather for a lazy day. Kelly and I made waffles for breakfast. Then around 11 AM, I headed home while she went shopping with a friend.

I made myself some lunch, started some laundry, and then settled down in the office to read more of Joe Haldeman’s serialized novel, Marsbound. I read for a while, and then napped in my chair. Then more reading and then more napping.

Late in the afternoon, Kelly and I did a video chat, and then, after some more laundry, I headed to the grocery store to stock up on lunch supplies for the week. I made myself some Macaroni and Cheese for dinner and then settled down to write for a little while.

I called Dan and Megan today and spoke to Dan for a while. He and Megan will be out here in the DC area in April for a conference and so I’ll get to see them then.

All the while, the skies were overcast, gray, and rainy. Much of the same is expected for tomorrow, I think.

Morning cardio workout

Up at 4:20 AM, my alarm buzzing in my head–it actually made it to its “second” stage (a faster, louder buzz) because I was in such a deep sleep. Breakfast and then I headed into the office. The snow hadn’t started when I left the house (just before 5 AM), but about halfway through my cardio workout this morning it began coming down. By the time I left the gym, it was a fine dust that was coming down, nothing heavy or noticeably sticking. Forecasts are calling for 1-2 inches in this area.

I did 40 minutes of cardio this morning, burning 540+ calories in 2.92 miles on the elliptical. I kept a nice steady pace and today there was no knee pain at all. In fact, the entire workout felt very smooth and very good.

And I think my metabolism is getting back to where it was last spring. Today will be my third day at 5 smaller meals/day–about every 3 hours or so. I ate a bowl of cereal, milk, juice and a banana at about 4:30 AM. Already, I’m hungry again.