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Breakfast, anyone?

Although we went to bed really late, we were up by 9 AM and almost my first act of the New Year was to cook everyone breakfast. That’s right: I made breakfast. I used the new Black and Decker grill-thing that he11o_sunshine and stubiebrother got me for the holidays to make pancakes. I also made scrambled eggs, including a batch of “egg whites” for A.J. We had juice and I had toast and a banana to go along with my breakfast. I think it came out pretty good. It was really the first time we tried to make anything for anyone other than ourselves.

We lazed around for a little while after breakfast and then decided to head up to the Arundel Mills outlet mall. We spent a few hours there, wandering in and out of various shops, with Denisse and Kelly doing most of the shopping. Late in the afternoon we stopped at Chili’s for an early dinner. Then, stomachs full, people toting their packages, we headed home. I dropped A.J. and Denisse off at their house in Washington Circle. I then took Kelly back to her house. Then I headed home myself. I was back in the house by 7 PM.

Packed my lunch for got everything ready for work tomorrow, and I’m off to bed.!


Yesterday, Kelly came over at about 11 AM. We ran out to Target to do some shopping and I got the crazy idea to make Dirt. I used my iPhone to look up the recipe and we got all of the necessary ingredients and then headed back home (I also stopped to buy some new towels, of which I was in rather desperate need.)

“Dirt”, for those of you who don’t know is a dessert. I had it only once in my life, in 1999 or 2000 at a pot-luck held in the apartment complex I lived at on Tujunga Drive in Studio City, CA. But I loved it, and I remembered its rather unique moniker.

We used this recipe to produce our masterpiece and we made only a few mistakes. And when I say “we” made mistakes, I means, of course, me. Although Kelly has only slightly more cooking experience than I do, she seemed to know what she was doing. (In fact, to mash up the Oreo cookies, it was her idea to put the cookies in a baggie first. I then started to beat them with one of those rolling things used to flatten pizza dough.)

Since I’m sure that many of you won’t take my word for the fact that I actually attempted to make something, I have photographic evidence. See for yourself:

Kelly beats the bagged Oreos

Adding cream cheese to the mix

Method acting: I’m playing a mixing machine

The pudding portion of the mix

The cream portion of the mix

The counter, hard at work containing our mess

The finished product

We let the dessert chill for a few hours (while we watched White Christmas) and then gave it try late in the afternoon. It was delicious! It was unbelievably delicious. We both had seconds. Kelly got a stomach ache. I later felt nauseous. But it was well worth it. Yum!

The great waffle experiment of 2007

Neither Kelly or I cook. But this morning, in a kind of mutually Puckish moment, we decided to make waffles. The box called for a certain amount of ingredients, which would have resulted in something like 14 4-inch waffles. We complicated things at once by cutting that amount in half. We poured the mix into a bowl, added vegetable oil, milk, and half an egg (that was complicated). We mixed it well. We had enough mix then to make two rather large waffles on the waffle-maker machine.

And for a wonder, they came out really good!

Next up, lobster Florentine.

Et cetera

Veterans Day weekend, Kelly and I are heading up to Stony Point, New York to visit with vickyandnorm as well as strausmouse and rmstraus. Since it’s a long drive, and since it’s about that time anyway, I made an appointment at Saturn for this Saturday for my next regularly scheduled maintenance. I’ll be there bright and early at 9 AM.

AJ and Denisse invited us over for a Peruvian dinner Saturday evening. Although neither Kelly nor I have any culinary skills to speak of (we can both make grilled cheese, PB&J and Kelly can make fish on a George Foreman grill), I think we can combine our talents to produce Dirt. I’ve only had Dirt once before, back when I lived in L.A., but I loved it so much that it has stuck in my memory to this day. I think we might give it a shot.

The Recreation Committee at my work is having a haunted house tomorrow and I was asked to be a “lurker” in the haunted house. I have to dress in black. I will be given a scary mask. It is then my job to walk close behind visitors to the haunted house in an effort to freak them out a bit, and in general make them feel unsettled. Sounds like a lot of fun.

I received the November 2007 issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in the mail today, which means I am now about 4 issues behind. This seems to happen every so often. The problem is that each of the 4 issues looks equally interesting so that it’s not even possible to skip one.

Zeke cornered another mouse last night so I was awakened at 1:30 AM to the sounds of squealing. I managed to liberate the tiny mouse from Zeke and get it out of the house. This time, however, I watched Zeke afterward and sure enough he went right to the space in the back wall of the kitchen from where the mouse emerged. It came in through a small space from under the house and that space is now blocked off by a piece of furniture that I don’t use. Hopefully that puts an end to it.

The Yankees announced that Joe Girardi would be the new manager. He signed a 3-year deal. Don Mattingly decided not to return to the Yanks after the announcement was made. I don’t blame him. Girardi is a great guy and a good manager, but Donny Baseball was the fan favorite. I’m not sure I understand the point of winning championships if you lose fans in the process.

I’m hitting the shower and calling it an early night tonight. I have another busy day at work tomorrow, this time writing SQL stored procedures and C# code, but I also get to play around with AJAX which is a terribly geeky thing to be excited about.

The dinner I had tonight was so bad for me, so utterly inappropriate that I’m not even going to mention what it was. Someday, I will get back to the gym.

Dinner and dessert, NYC-style

When I got to Jen and Jason’s the apartment was already filled with the smell of cooking. Jen was making dinner and it was worth the wait (we watched the Yankees game while we waited. When dinner was served, it was delicious. he11o_sunshine will have to describe exactly what she did, but she made a pork dish of some kind with an outstanding sauce, and a spicy broccoli side, both of which had me digging for seconds.

For dessert, we took the train to Union Square and headed into Max Brenner‘s. If you’ve never been there before, and you love chocolate, then you must make a pilgrimage. Almost everything on the menu is chocolate (Jason even had a chocolate beer!) and delicious!

The evening air was almost Hawaiian in it’s quality and we decided to see if we could walk from Union Square back to Jen and Jason’s place on 85th, and only stopped because Jason has to get up very early in the morning and needed to go to bed.


In an effort to get more protein in the morning before my strength training workout, I decided to hard boil some eggs tonight so that I could eat them in the morning. I had no idea what I was doing. I started by boiling water, but something in the back of my mind told me that might not be the best way to do it. So I called Mom, aka rubysnina. Here is what she had me do:

  1. Fill a pot with cold water
  2. Put the eggs in the water
  3. Bring it to a rapid boil
  4. Once it’s boiling, turn off the heat, cover the pot and let it sit for 20 minutes
  5. After 20 minutes, run cold water in the pot until the eggs are cool enough to handle
  6. Put in fridge for the morning

That is not at all how I would have thought to do it, though it all makes sense. Still, it’s possible that I screwed things up. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, if I don’t show up to work, answer my phone, post messages to this blog, you might want to call the local police or fire department to check on me. If all goes well, however, I will post a positive report after my workout tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!