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One last game at the old ball park

Yesterday evening (as I mentioned), Kelly and I headed up to New Jersey with Sarah and Jim.  It was a pleasant drive with almost no traffic, except for a bit outside of Philadelphia.  We got in pretty late, and within minutes of getting out of the car, I saw two shooting stars and one satellite.  It was amazingly clear and the town was far out in the country away from the haze of city lights.  We went to bed almost at once, and I was asleep as my head hit the pillow.  I slept wonderfully!

We were up at about 8 AM, ate breakfast, relaxed in the sunroom, and then took a walk around Sarah’s neighborhood.  The air was cool was but it was really pleasant out.  Sometime after 10 AM, we headed to the city.  Originally the plan was to take the train in from Newark, but we decided instead to drive into the city and park at the garage near he11o_sunshine  and stubiebrother ‘s place.

Walking toward the subway, we stopped at the Starbucks on Lexington and 85th for a bathroom break.  We waited outside the restroom for the person inside to finish.  We waited.  And waited.  It was a three-flush visit, but the funniest part was when the guy came out, we discovered there was no toilet paper in there.  We assume he was in there air-drying or something.

We hopped on the 4 train and headed up to 161st Street and Yankee stadium.  We made our way to Gate 6 and then headed up to our seats.  We sat close to the right-field foul pole, up high above the field.  They were great seats.  The game was slow, and scoreless, but it ended in excitement with 2 outs and the bases loaded and the Yankees winning with a walk-off base hit.

It was the second-to-last game at the old Yankee stadium and it was our last game there.

After the game, we caught the 4 train back to the upper east side.  We headed up to Jen and Jason’s, and spent the rest of the evening with them.  We headed to Mustang’s for drinks, and then we headed over to 1st and 87th, to a Mexican-fusion type restaurant for dinner.  I had steak fajitas, which were excellent.

We left the restaurant around 9 PM and shortly thereafter, we got the car and started heading back out to NJ.  Kelly and Jim fell asleep in the car almost immediately, and I did my best to keep Sarah awake (she was driving) by talking.  We got back to the house around 11:30 PM.  Jim went to sleep but Kelly, Sarah and I headed out into the hot tub.  Even though it was cold out (I’d guess in the low 50s), the hot water was comfortable, and the cold air felt good on my skin afterward.  We spent about a half hour in the hot tub, and then headed upstairs to bed.

Good nights, long days, but I win in the end

I actually had a good night’s sleep last night.  There is justice in the universe!

Into work at 7:30 and didn’t leave until 6:30.  It was an incredibly busy day.  I don’t really even want to think about it anymore, other than to say that I kept myself entertained by finding my inner Puckishness.

Kelly got fitted in her wedding dress today.  After work we met her friend Becky again (as we did last Thursday) for dinner.  We had Thai food this time and I ordered what I thought was the spiciest thing on the menu, but it wasn’t nearly as spicy as I thought it would be.  Still good though.

Home and watched the Tivo’d season premier of Smallville, which was a good one!

Today was the second day in a row that we received two packages.

No reading today, but I did manage to squeeze in some writing on the workshop story.  I did about 700 words on Part 3 of the story, and I’m happy with it so far.  Off to bed now.  I have another full today tomorrow and then tomorrow evening we are heading up to New Jersey.

Welcome to the occupation

We awoke this morning to bright, clear blue skies and sunshine.  It was absolutely gorgeous out and we threw open the windows and tried to absorb it all.  We lazed around for the early part of the morning, watching Charles Osgood on Sunday Morning.  But after that, we were busy for the rest of the day.

We decided we wanted to finish up the remainder of things on our various wedding lists so that we were done, done, done, and could spend the next 5 weeks or so relaxing.  We made heroic efforts, however, we’ve still got more stuff do to.

We started in earnest around 10:30 AM.  First, we headed over to the Mens Warehouse, where I got fitted for my tux, and where I also corrected the spelling of Dad’s name on the list of people who are getting tuxes.  We also ordered the gifts we are giving to the groomsmen.  Next we headed over to Target, where we went straight for the toy section.  We bought a few things for Ruby and Carson for when they come to visit for the wedding.  (Ruby is our flower girl.  Carson is not in the wedding, but we felt we should get him something anyway so that he didn’t feel left out.)  We were looking for a full-sized bike pump, but they didn’t seem to have any.  We picked up some cat litter and then headed to our next destination, Old Town Alexandria.

We found a parking spot on the corner of Washington and Queen and walked through Old Town in gorgeous weather.  We did some more gift shopping and then ended up at an Irish bar/restaurant for brunch.  It was really good.  Kelly had french toast and I had this Irish omelette with bacon.  I had a mimosa as well.

After brunch (and by now, it was almost 2 PM), we walked back to the car.  Trader Joe’s was next on our list, but as we were heading there, we got a call telling us that Kelly’s wedding ring was in.  We diverted, therefore, to Tyson’s Corner and made our way through its labyrinth to the jewelers.  Sure enough the ring was is, but it was still too big.  Long story short:  we sized it based on the size of her engagement ring.  But her engagement ring turned out to be 1/4 size smaller than what is on the paperwork.  So the re-sized ring will now be ready on Friday.

We stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way back and did some very light grocery shopping.

We were back at the house sometime between 4 and 5 PM.  Having done the "errands", we could now finally focus on getting wedding stuff done.  And focus we did.  For the next four to five hours, that’s all we did.  We put together a first and second draft wedding program.  We emailed various vendors, information that they requested.  We put together a master wedding day itinerary.  Finally, toward the end of the evening, we consolidated all of the various remaining lists onto one central list.  While there are still things to do, most of them are small and it looks as though most will be done this week.  That means by the end of this weekend, most wedding related tasks will be finished 4 weeks before the wedding.  That’s not too bad, especially considering that we only had four months to plan this from the outset.

Around 9 PM, I went upstairs with the intention of reading, but I fell asleep pretty quickly.  Turned out to be a longer day than I realized, I guess.

Peaceful weekend, part 3

Labor Day!

I slept in later this morning than I did any other day of the weekend.  I didn’t get up until 8:20 AM.  Kelly had gotten up earlier, ate something, and then came back to bed for another 20 minutes.   Then we finally got up.  I had some toast and peanut butter for breakfast, and then did some reading until about 9:30.  Shortly thereafter, we headed out to Tyson’s Corner to do our ring shopping.

For nearly everything we’ve done for the wedding, we’ve been very decisive and made our decisions in mere seconds.  With rings, it took longer.  In fact, we visited 4 different places before finally both finding rings that we liked.  Once we found them, though, we were our usual decisive selves.  We purchased them on the spot.  In an odd coincidence, the ring I chose for me fit perfectly and required no sizing, so we were able to take it with us.  Kelly’s ring needed to be resized, and we should be able to pick it up on the 9th.

More relaxing when we got back from Tyson’s.  We ate lunch and then sat around waiting for Sarah and Jim to arrive.  Sarah was originally coming to pick up her bridesmaid dress, but we invited them to come over and hang out by the pool.  So once they were both here, we headed to the pool.   I was worried it would be way crowded, but it wasn’t.  Our pool has a lifeguard the entire time it is open.  Once an hour, for fifteen minutes, there is a break and everyone has to get out of the pool.  We stayed there for a little more than two full cycles.  The first cycle we spent sitting poolside and chatting.  The next cycle we spent entirely in the pool.  It was warm, 85 degrees in the water.  By the time the cycle was over, we were all wrinkled.

Back up to the house for drinks and snacks.  Sarah and Jim left shortly thereafter.  I grew sleepy.  Kelly kindly prepared dinner.  Scrambled eggs with peppers and mushrooms and cheese.  It was yummy.  We had Hersey’s Kisses for dessert.

After dinner we sat out on our balcony and enjoyed the cooling evening air.

We both head back to work tomorrow.  I’ve got a bunch of writing workshop stuff to do (I didn’t do any this weekend).  I’m about 100 pages through Rainbow’s End, and I’m enjoying it at this point.  It’s different.

I think our relaxing weekend was an overwhelming success!

Peaceful weekend, part 1

Kelly and I planned for these to be a peaceful weekend–our first one in over a month, since moving to the new house.  And for the most part, today was very peaceful.  I went to bed early last night–by accident.  I got in bed to read, and before I knew it, I just couldn’t focus on the page any longer.  Kelly came to bed later.  I managed to get 10-1/2 hours of sleep, which is remarkable for me.

We were still up before 8 AM.  We lazed around for the first two hours, watching some TV.  Kelly Tivo’d "Rock the Reception" on TLC, which was a lot of fun to watch, and really kind of addicting.  We set the DVR to record it some more whenever it comes on.  I worked on some wedding website stuff for a while.  Finally, just after 10 AM, we headed out for breakfast.  We walked a different route to Shirlington, through Park Fairfax.  It’s a slightly longer walk but I like it much better.  We headed to the Luna Grill for breakfast, where Kelly had eggs Florentine, and I had a bagel and lox.  Then we walked back home.

We lazed around some more.  Later in the afternoon, Kelly and I put together the new "kitty bathroom" that she ordered.  I did a little reading and then we headed out to Pentagon City to do some shopping.  We got some groceries for the dinner I was planning to prepare.  We also got some bike stuff.  We got a new tube for Kelly’s rear tire, and I got a new helmet and a mirror.

Back home and I started to prepare dinner.  I planned on making Chicken Marsala with a side of Italian Pasta Salad.  I prepared the pasta salad first, making the dressing, chopping up lots of veggies, and then refrigerating the whole thing.  Then I started on the chicken.  We used our new dishes and napkins and sat down to eat right around 7 PM.  And guess what?  For a wonder, it came out really good!  The chicken wasn’t overcooked, the Marsala sauce was just right, and the pasta salad was great!  This time, I cooked the chicken on a lower flame, but for a longer time than the cookbook said.  I was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing!

After dinner, we booked the final excursion for our honeymoon cruise (this one, at Ocho Rios, Jamaica, takes us to some caverns and then some waterfalls), and then headed off to the gym.  I got in a decent lower body workout.

Got the most recent issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in the mail today.  Actually, it was delivered to a neighbor, but they kindly brought it by.  It’s a special issue on privacy and looks like a good one.  I’m somewhere around 220 pages through Old Man’s War, and expect to finish tonight or tomorrow.

Spoke briefly with stubiebrother  today.  Also with Mom and Dad.

I do feel relaxed.

Yankees/Orioles game

We were up around 8 AM and actually got to laze around for a while this morning. We watched most of Charles Osgood’s Sunday morning show on CBS, which is one Sunday morning program that I enjoy. Around 10:45, Dad and I hopped in the car and headed up to Camden Yards for the Yankees/Orioles game. We got there at about 11:40 and we soon at our seats.

The game was fun, if not a little boring at times. I think it set the record as the longest 9-inning game that I have been to at Camden Yards, the full 9 innings lasting 4:01. Nevertheless, there were exciting moments, an enthusiastic crowd, and the Yanks won in the end, 8-7, so what more could you ask for.

Kelly spent the day shopping and doing errands. She got me some new shorts and gym clothes while she was out.

Because the game went on so long, we didn’t get back home until about 7 PM, and that led to a late dinner at the Olive Garden. Kelly and I were supposed to finish up thank you notes, and I was supposed to do some writing, but by the time we got back from the Olive Garden, I was exhausted. We both headed off to bed. We read for a little while, but I was soon fast asleep.

Incidentally, while I am reading (and enjoying, Old Man’s War, Kelly started reading The Door Into Summer by Robert Heinlein. Until this book, the only s.f. she’s read is some Orson Scott Card, and of course, my stories. I’m eager to find out what she thinks of Heinlein, mid-1950s.

It’s the server, stupid!

I killed four hours at work this morning trying to figure out why a report was not working on one of our SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) systems. I googled. I read blogs. I signed up for the free trial of Expert-Exchange. Finally, I pushed the report out to the test server and it worked just fine there. So it’s not the report, it’s the server, stupid!

I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating this is.

However, we had our annual San Genero day, where the Rec Com folks cook up an awesome Italian lunch. And the meatballs. The meatballs are to die for. The gods on Mount Olympus can have their nectar. Just give me those meatballs. I had a plateful of them and had to forcible remove myself from the room, lest I do serious damage to my insides.

But yum!

Thursday evening

Dad got into town around 4 PM and got to Pentagon City about an hour and a half later, about the same time I picked Kelly up from work. We all sat around for a while, and then headed back to Pentagon Row for dinner at Sine (where I had a blackened tuna wrap and ignored the fries on my plate). For some reason, in the midst of August, Sine decided to shift from Sam’s Summer Ale to Oktoberfest. I could see that in September, but August?

Back home and Kelly headed off for the gym while I started in on Clarke and Pohl’s The Last Theorem before bed. Once again had some trouble falling asleep and went downstairs for a little while. Came back up at 11 PM and fell asleep sometime shortly thereafter.

Monday wrap-up

I think Kelly and I are both recovering from our weekend. We both felt tired throughout the day. I took a lunchtime name that lasted nearly an hour!

Headed home at 4 PM and did a bunch of critiques for the writing workshop. Kelly called around 5:20 and I headed to pick her up. We went to pick up her car. Kelly decided to get enough fixed to make the car run for a few more months (through the wedding). We stopped at Harris Teeters and get some groceries, and then went to the dealership. Kelly got her car and we headed home.

We made a chef salad for dinner (with hard-boiled eggs, and turkey in mine for added protein). Around 8 PM, we headed to the club house gym. Kelly did cardio and I did a light arms and shoulders workout; didn’t want to over-do it getting back into things. I did manage 100 crunches. I had only one can of soda today and everything else was water.

Back from the gym and we settled down to watch the last two episodes of Dexter, season 2.

Lots of mail today. Sure enough, the insurance company things I’m still renting the house in Riverdale; they sent me a bill for that policy, even though I sent in a cancelation form. I’ll have to call them tomorrow to take care of this.

I got the SFWA Bulletin and my story, “When I Kissed the Learned Astronomer” was listed in the Nebula recommendations for Best Novelette (1 recommendation). It is no longer eligible, but it was cool to see it listed there among the many other novelettes (far better than mine).

About to hit 44 days on “The Golden Watch” at Strange Horizons and still no word. I’m still taking this as “no news is good news.”

Hurricanes, Annapolis, car trouble, thai food

Roughly in that order.

We were up around 8:30 AM. I didn’t sleep too well, I think because we were just sleeping on the floor. But I survived. Mom was already up and everyone else was up shortly after us. Kelly’s parents were going to stay until Monday, but decided to leave first thing this morning. They had driven up from south-western Florida and with the tropical storm headed their way, they wanted to get back in time to avoid the rain and get their house battened down. They were on the road by 9:30 AM.

Mom, Jen and Jason headed out for coffee and bagels while Kelly and I got ready. When they got back, we all piled into the car and drove out to Annapolis. Everyone got to see the Inn where we are having the wedding. We walked through the Naval Academy campus and found a shady spot to sit for a while. We headed to Buddy’s for lunch. By the time lunch was over, it was time to head home. On the way, we dropped Jen and Jason off at Union Station so that they could catch their train home.

Back at the house, we debated taking a nap, but Kelly decided that she needed to go to Whole Foods first, so off she went. Mom and I sat around talked. A short while later, Kelly called. Her car was “broken”. I headed out to meet her. The exhaust had rusted through at the base and fallen off on one end. We called AAA and the tow truck was there in 10 minutes. Since the exhaust had rusted through, we had the car towed to nearby Honda deliver and used the after hours service drop to drop off the keys. Meanwhile, Mom fed our hungry cats.

We were back home by 6 PM. We sat around talking and chatting for a while, and then headed over to Pentagon Row for some Thai food. It was Mom’s first time having Thai food. It was my first time having duck, which I really liked. We hung out for a while longer and then we all decided to call it an early night. Kelly and I headed off to bed around 10 PM.

Wedding showers, parking tickets, baseball, oh my

Despite being up so late last night, Kelly and I were up before 8 AM. Everyone else was up shortly thereafter. I decided to cook breakfast for everyone. stubiebrother helped. I made two batches of pancakes, and Jason made a whole bunch of scrambled eggs (with an without cheese). People said it turned out pretty good, and there were plenty of pancakes and eggs to go around.

Various people had to run errands. Around 11 AM, Kelly and I headed over to Union Station to pick up Ian and Jan. We saw them over by the outer curb, and I pulled over to pick them up. I was stopped there for 12 seconds, but nevertheless, I think I got a parking ticket. At least, a women was taking down my (new) plate in a hand-held computer and I suspect I’ll be getting something in the mail. Since I’ve never had a ticket of any kind, it will officially break my streak, but I imagine the streak would have to be broken at some point.

Back to the house and more introductions. Various people ran errands. When Jason got back, he and I headed across the street to the courtyard and threw a ball around for a little while. My arm felt great until the end, when it was, once again,killing me.

Around 12:30 we were all ready to head over to Sarah’s for the shower. Kelly took her parents, Ian and Jan and headed over. I took Jen, Jason and Mom. We stopped at Giant for 5 bags of ice (80 lbs of ice!), and then we headed to Sarah’s. We were there right on time. Kelly and company had already arrived. The place looked great inside (and Sarah was all dressed up, which I had never seen before). Carmen and Leanna were already in the back, and Sarah’s parents (who I’ve met once before) were there too. The shower was a lot of fun. Lots of people showed up, including AJ and Denisse. We spent a lot of time out back, in the hot sun. There was all kinds of delicious food: fruits, bruchetta, mushroom dips. It was great. Eventually we all made our way inside. Sarah and company did a wonderful job setting up and decorating for lunch. Lunch itself was delicious with pastas, and chicken, and other delicious goodies. After lunch Kelly and I opened gifts. We have generous friends and family and we both had a lot of fun opening gifts. Then there was cake, and shortly thereafter, it was time to go. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to Sarah and thank her for the incredible job she did on the event. We had a terrific time. We were delighted by the fact that so many of our friends and family came so far for the event and we were really glad to get to be able to see all of them.

AJ and Denisse came back to the house with us. Various people napped and rested and prepared for the evening events. Around 6:30 PM, we all headed out again: the girls to the dinner, and the guys to the Rockies/Nationals game. AJ, Jason, Kelly’s dad and I took the metro to Nationals Park. It was the first time I’d ever been there. We had seats way up the first base line in right field. The weather was gorgeous and there was a nice breeze up there. We got to the game in the top of the first inning. It was a lot of fun, the four of us hanging out, watching the Rockies rout the Nationals (6 runs in the 5th inning!) We ate hot dogs and drank beer and ate peanuts and sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. I was a little anxious about the metro ride home, but it wasn’t crowded and we lucked out by walking onto trains. The game was over around 10:10 PM and we were home before 11 PM.

Mom, Kelly’s mom, and Jen were back. Kelly was off at the bachelorette party. We got home just in time to watch the edge-of-your-seat final relay race where Michael Phelps won his 8th gold medal. Everyone in the room was on their feet and cheering when he won. Slowly, everyone went to bed. Kelly got home (safe and sound, and mostly sober) around 1 AM and after that, I ran AJ over to the metro station so that he could head home.

It was a long day, but a great one, spending time with friends and family, celebrating. Kelly especially seemed to really have an especially good time today.