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Lazy Sunday

We slept in. Well, I slept in. Kelly was up at 6:30 in the morning. I get this from her, I don’t remember it. She got hungry and had some toast, and then browsed online for a while before going back to sleep. We finally got up sometime around 9:30. I, for one, slept great.

We decided to have brunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I had their Monte Cristo sandwich, and as usual, it was far more than either of us could eat. After brunch, we wandered over to Crate & Barrel to do more registering. I thought Crate & Barrel was a more fun place to register, and once again, Kelly wielded the scanner gun as we picked out various household “necessities”.

Back to Kelly’s house and we turned on the TV. I watched some of the Yankees/Mets game on TBS. Kelly went to take a nap and I soon followed her. Once again, we napped for a while. I think it was close to 3 PM when we finally got up. I headed home shortly thereafter and spent the rest of the evening watching a few episodes of M*A*S*H and reading.

Happy hour!

We attended our first happy hour in quite some time last night. We headed over to Crystal City Sports Pub and hung out with about 10 people from work. Happy hour beers were only $2.25, and appetizers were half price. Kelly and I hung out with the group for about 3 hours before deciding that we’d had enough and were getting tired. We left sometime around 8 or 8:30 and headed back to her place for the evening.

I was particularly tired and was in bed before 10 PM.

When we move to our new place in July, we will be within walking distance of Crystal City Sports Pub. While it’s not exactly a short walk, we could probably make it home with a 20 minute stroll. On an evening like last night, that would be pretty nice.


FYI, I backdated yesterday’s post because I was way too busy to blog yesterday. Those of you who normally read this on your friends page will need to use the above link to see just how productive we were yesterday.

Kelly and I were up pretty early today, having gone to bed relatively early last night. We had breakfast and watched TV for a little while. I was pleased to see that all the local news stations were setting aside their network bias and leading with stories on the premature death of Tim Russert.

We headed up to Greenbelt lake for a walk, and since it was actually a little cooler today, it was very pleasant out and the walk was great.

We came back home, packed ourselves some lunch and then headed up to Baltimore for the O’s/Pittsburgh game. The game was a lot of fun. In fact, it got exciting at the end when Brian Roberts hit a 2-run homerun with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game and send it into extra innings. The O’s ended up losing in the 10th, but Kelly and I had a great time.

As I said, we packed lunch. We brought with us sandwiches, fruit, water, cookies. And we ate at our seats in the ballpark and it was great. We ate healthy stuff and saved a little money too. vickyandnorm would be proud.

I called Dad to wish him a Happy Father’s day.

Back home and I whipped us up a nice pasta dinner. We had salad and bread, along with ravioli and sauce and it turned out pretty good. After dinner, I hauled half a ton of trash to the front of the house. Kelly loaded up her car with laundry and headed home.

It was a productive weekend and a fun one too. The only downside has been that my legs are incredibly sore from Friday’s workout. But 2-days after are always the worst on the first workout back, so things should be much better tomorrow.

Productive Saturday

We had dinner with AJ and Denisse last night at Bertucci’s and it was a lot of fun seeing them and hanging out with them for a while. Also, our “Save the Date” post cards arrived, and they look great! They were made by he11o_sunshine over at Buttercream Cards and we love them!

This had to have been one of the most productive Saturday’s we’ve had in a long time. We had a plan when the day began and both Kelly and I were surprised to just how well our plan worked out.

First, we went to the gym. I hadn’t eaten and my legs were sore from yesterday’s lower body workout so I only did 10 minutes of cardio, but I augmented it with a couple of sets of upper body and core work. After the gym and a shower, we packed up Kelly’s laundry (to bring to my house) and then headed over to Potomac Yard (driving past our new house) in order to stop in at the Men’s Wearhouse and arrange tuxedos for the wedding. We suspected that would take some doing, but it turned out to be incredibly easy. Both Kelly and I are equally decisive and don’t hem and haw over decisions. I saw what I liked, Kelly liked what I liked and we took it. We arranged and account whereby our groomsman can get fitted and either pick their tuxes up where they live, or locally here in our area.

With that task done, we headed to my house. We stopped briefly at the house to drop off Kelly’s laundry, and then headed back out. We went to Home Depot to pick up some canvas work gloves, and then headed to the grocery store to do the shopping for the week. Then it was back to my house. We made our lunches (we were pretty hungry) and watched the end of The Shawshank Redemption. We then prepared for the big task of the day: cleaning out the garage.

I have been dreading the task of cleaning out my garage for years now. Junk has accumulated in there to the point where it was pretty full. The garage is a one-car garage but it has what is essentially a fully workshop on one side. Aside from being filled with boxes that were put there 6 years ago when I first moved in, there was 6 years worth of dust, bugs, mouse and raccoon droppings. I estimated it would take me several hours on three or four weekends to get the job done.

Kelly and I got most of the job done in 90 minutes.

Again, decisiveness and teamwork were key. We’d look in boxes. I’d make a quick decision as to whether it was something I wanted to keep or not (90% of the time, the answer was “not”). Kelly would then quickly decide if it was in any condition to donate. If it was, we set it aside. If not, we bagged it as trash and moved on. When we’d gotten just about everything done, we swept the garage clean. I couldn’t believe just how well we worked it all out and how quickly we did it. I have some pictures which I will upload at some point to show just how successful we were. The garage is virtually empty. All that’s left is “bulk” trash which is picked up on Thursday’s in my neighborhood.

After cleaning the garage, we showered and then rested for a while. We then addressed just about all of the “Save the Date” cards well be sending out (I have three more to do but need some additional address information. We went to Boston Market to grab some dinner and while eating dinner (and afterward) watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

We worked hard today and got a lot done. Kelly even managed to do a ton and a half of laundry while all of this is going on. We don’t have nearly as much to do tomorrow, but it sure felt good getting a lot done today.

On the lamb

Another day of sleeping in until 6:30 AM and it was great. I was supposed to have a customer service training session this afternoon, but it was canceled (bad customer service!)

Kelly and I went out for Indian food tonight and once again I had a lamb dish. Where has lamb been all my life! I simply can’t seem to get enough of it!

We booked our honeymoon trip today. I got the confirmation from our travel agent (the same travel agent who my folks used to book our cruise through Italy and Greece last summer. We also got our plane tickets and except for some paperwork, we are all set. (Of course, there are matters of packing and stuff like that.)

I’m about halfway through Bright Shiny Morning

Dinner with Paul

Paul was in town from Boulder for roughly 36 hours between Friday afternoon and Saturday evening so we arranged to get together for dinner on Friday. Kelly and I met him at the Clarendon metro and then walked over to Tandoori Nights, because Paul was craving ethnic food, and there is apparently a dearth of this in Boulder.

We had a great meal, catching each other up. (I haven’t seen Paul since late 2005.) After dinner, we walked to Barnes & Noble and had dessert there (while Paul) had coffee. It was great to see him, and I’m glad that Kelly got to meet him. The next time we are in Boulder we’re going to try and get together with him again, and perhaps get to see his twins, where are now about 3 years old. They were infants when he and Anna left D.C. I can’t believe how quickly time flies by.

Friday evening

Kelly met me after work Friday at the Pentagon City Mall. We headed over to Champs to have a beer with Todd. We then had some errands to run before meeting AJ and Denisse for dinner. We decided to go over to Lebanese Taverna for dinner, and we ended up having a great meal. We caught up with AJ and Denisse, who we hadn’t seen in a little while. AJ treated us to dinner. After, we headed to Maggie-Moo’s for dessert. We wandered around the mall for a bit and finally, around 10 PM, headed home. We had a really nice evening.


I was into work later than usual in order to catch up on the lack of sleep last night. Moderately busy day, a couple of meetings. I headed over to Kelly’s after work. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we walked over to Harry’s Tap Room for dinner where I had the tequila shrimp dish, for a second time. This time is was far more spicy than the first time. Delicious actually.

After, we walked over to Barnes & Noble where I picked up a copy of The Last Lecture, a much talked about best-seller, and one worthy of it, from what I understand.

Then it was back to Kelly’s. We watched TV for a while, but I got tired sometime around 10 and headed off to bed.

And yet even more food

We got to sleep in this morning, which was nice. Kelly’s friends picked us up around 10 AM and we drove to a quaint little place for brunch where I tried to wreak havoc on the strawberry pancakes and failed. It was really nice meeting Kelly’s friends and I had a good time at brunch. I also had a good time on the walk back to the hotel. Kelly and I decided to take the long walk back. We passed through sections of Santa Monica with which I was completely unfamiliar, until we got to the park above the beach, and then walked the length of the park and finally back to the hotel. It took us well over an hour, but we walked at a leisurely pace. The weather was perfect. I think that walk was the best time I had all week.

We packed up the remainder of our things at the hotel and then got a cab to the airport. There were no lines of any kind and we were through security before we knew it. We spent nearly 2 hours in the Red Carpet club, before heading next door to our gate to board the plane. We didn’t have seats together, but we made the best of it. The flight went by surprisingly fast, actually. I spent about 3 hours reading, getting through more than 100 pages of In Joy Still Felt. We finally touched down at Dulles shortly after midnight and headed back to Kelly’s.

Dinner with Mom and Dad

We met Kelly’s friend in the morning for brunch and shopping. Mostly shopping. It was nice though. The weather was warm and we wandered about the Third Street Promenade. Kelly decided that she needed a skirt because she hadn’t really packed for warm weather. She ended up getting a poofy white skirt and a nice dark blue tank top at the last store we visited, which was Banana Republic, of course. We had brunch at California Pizza Kitchen and then Kelly and I walked back to the hotel.

We napped for a while and then got ready for Mom and Dad’s visit. They arrived shortly after 2 PM, and met us at the hotel room. It was the first time Kelly met them, although she’d spoken to Dad briefly on the phone a while back. I think it went well. After sitting around chatting for a while, we walked over to the Santa Monica pier, walked it’s length, talked browsed, took pictures, and got a little too much sun. I was very thirsty and suggested we head back to the hotel, which has a lounge and bar. Wouldn’t you know it–the bar was closed and wasn’t scheduled to open until 5:30! I ran over to the local AM/PM to get sodas for everyone–and managed to get the wrong one for Mom. But we sat around some more, chatting, and then finally headed over to Ocean Avenue Seafood for dinner.

We were seated in the patio area and I think we had a very nice dinner. I had the salmon, and Kelly had the Mahi-mahi. For some reason, I couldn’t eat very much. I’m not sure why. But dinner was great, Mom and Dad were great, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. They dropped us back off at the hotel sometime around 8 PM, and I think we were both pretty tired, although we did stay up long enough to watch a Harry Potter movie on network television.


I didn’t feel great when I woke up this morning, and I once again had some swelling around my left eye, and hives. My guess is that I have developed an allergy to Ibuprofen, which I took late last night. Or I’ve developed an allergy to alcohol, which seems less likely. In any event, Benedryl took care of the problem and by 10 AM, I felt much better. I’m scheduling an appointment with my doctor for a general check-up and I’ll ask him about it.

Fairly busy day today, but the retreat was over. It was nice to be able to work with my team face-to-face for a change. In particular, I spent a lot of time with Carol and Rob, who together, are like Abbott & Costello.

I had lunch with Beth today, at a Mexican food place near the bowling alley on Pico. It was really the only time we had to talk while I was out there, and the first time we’ve talked since she’s been in her new role. It was good to get to see her.

Kelly came by to go to lunch with someone she used to work with, so that I saw her around noon. I saw her again at 4:30 when she was with Laural. We headed over to Eric and Laural’s house in the Valley and had dinner there. Eric must have been cooking all day. We had all sorts of delicious foods: homemade flat-bread, on which we put homemade hummus. There was an excellent tuna dish that we also put on our flat-bread, made with delicious avocados and sushi-quality tuna. There was homemade pizza, which was outstanding. For the main course we had salads and pasta with crab meat. And for dessert that was a strawberry dish. The strawberries were marinated in sugar and balsamic vinegar, and then served with a Marscapone cheese and vanilla bean sauce. Yum!

It was really nice getting to hang out with Eric and Laural at their house–something I did only once before when I worked for Eric, way back in August 1999.

Eric drove us back to the hotel after dinner and we were both exhausted.

Retreat, day 3

Another busy day, but only half of it was spent in the retreat. We wrapped things up this morning. I gave a presentation on “application support tail” for which I put together a PowerPoint slide deck with some animated slides recapping the week in a humorous way. I think it went over pretty well.

I had lunch with Cathy today. We went to a fairly new Japanese place on 2nd and I had pot stickers for the first time. For some reason, I had never gotten around to trying them before, but they were very good.

The highlight of the day was the happy hour after work at El Cholo. Quite a number of people showed up to it so that it was a complete success. kruppenheimer was there, with her friend Heather, who happened to work in the Santa Monica office, so that she was among her people, although she hadn’t met any of them. El Cholo has the best margaritas I’ve ever had. I had one. And two shots of Patron. That’s it. For the rest of the time I was there, I drank water. But I made the mistake of not eating anything so that I was not feeling too great in the middle of the night.

Kelly managed to get on an earlier flight and she arrived at the hotel in Santa Monica around 9 PM.