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Going my way

If you’ve ever looked for something fun to do early on a Sunday morning, pop in an old movie. Kelly and I watched Going My Way (for which Bing Crosby won the Best Actor Oscar back in 1944) and it was terrific. I’d seen it before, but it was fun to watch on a fall-like Sunday morning.

Yesterday, after our breakfast adventures, we headed into Georgetown, found a place to park for the day, and then walked over to 37th and P where Todd, John, Matt and Jess were busy working on a documentary film. We watched them for a little while before walked back onto the main Georgetown strip. We stopped in at Gap, where I got a couple of new pairs of jeans and a new shirt. We stopped in at Banana Republic where Kelly did some shopping. Then we tossed our stuff in the car and walked over to AJ and Denisse’s.

We had a late lunch with AJ and Denisse at Austin Grill. We then headed over to Gallery Place with the intention of bowling or seeing a movie. There was a 1-1/2 hour wait for a lane, and there were no movies that leapt out at us as “must-see”, so we headed to Pentagon City to do more shopping. We went into Best Buy, and Costco (where we called kruppenheimer to wish her a happy birthday), and then headed over to the Pentagon City Mall and wandered through several departments in Macy’s as well as other stores.

Around 7 PM, we headed back to Foggy Bottom and said our goodbyes to AJ and Denisse. The weather cooperated with us all day, and it was a perfect, fall-like Saturday.

My plan for the rest of the day is to maybe, just maybe, get some writing done. I’m embarrassingly far behind on the NaNoWriMo pace, but I’m not using that as an excuse to give up. I hope to make some decent progress today. My new pace, given what I have left to write is a hair over 3,000 words a day. Writing anything is better than nothing but I’ll do my best to hit the target.

Shopping, cleaning, writing

Considering that I’ve been sick the last few days, I was pretty productive today. I was up early to take my car in for servicing. I did a full compliment of grocery shopping on my way home from that. I then spent several hours doing laundry and cleaning the house, including mopping the floors in the kitchen and bathroom–something I kept putting off. I cleaned up the mess that was on the kitchen table. What a relief that was!

I got my Apple Care papers in the mail today for the new laptop. I also got my second SFWA Forum and my name appears in this one. Don’t get excited, it’s only there because I’m listed in the directory insert that was included as part of the issue. But it is kind of cool that my name now appears in the official SFWA directory. It’s too bad I don’t have voting status yet. I noted that Joe Haldeman’s The Accidental Time Traveler had one recommendation for inclusion on the Nebula ballot. If I could, I would give it my recommendation as well. I loved that book. It was by far the best book I’ve read this year.

In fact, I’m looking for a good s.f. book to read right now and I’m having trouble coming up with one. Earlier this afternoon, I read the first few pages of Ian McDonald’s Brasyl but I’m not sure that’s what I’m looking for at the moment. The truth it, I have no idea what I’m looking for, but I want to read something good. Anyone have any good s.f. suggestions? (You might check my reading list first in order to see if I have read the suggestion already.)

And I did some more writing this afternoon. I did about 500 words of Graveyard Shift while at Saturn this morning. While writing this afternoon, I did another 1,600 words. That’s 2,100 words on the day so far, which is better than par for NaNoWriMo. But I didn’t get any writing done yesterday because went to bed so early, so I’m still about 600 words behind par overall. I may get some more writing done this evening.

First fall Sunday

Yes, I realize that today was not the first Sunday this fall, but it felt like it. Even though it is already nearly the end of October, today was sunny, but cool and breezy and it actually felt like fall for a change.

The day began early, even thought sleep came late last night. The Marine Corp marathon took place today and we watched the runners pass by on Lee Highway, which had been blocked off in one direction for just that purpose. Thousands of runners went by. Thousands. It was really rather impressive. We see a lot about what terrible shape Americans are in, but here were a whole large bunch of people running 26.2 miles!

We called AJ and Denisse and asked if they wanted to meet for brunch. We met them around noon outside of their place, and then walked into Georgetown. We finally ended up at Sequoia where we got a table inside, although by a window, with a nice view of the river. When brunch was over, we spent the next several hours wandering through the shops of Georgetown. It was a lot of fun, actually. I even bought some new things. I got a new fall/spring jacket, as well as a couple of new shirts.

Eventually, we took a break and stopped into Hagaan Dazs for our Belgium Chocolate shakes (for AJ and I); Kelly and Denisse had sorbets. Then we headed into a mall that I didn’t even know existed, and wandered about there for a while. It was after 4 PM when we finally left and it was just before 7 PM when I finally got home.

I had laundry to do, and so I took care of that while catching up on some items that TiVo had recorded. I noticed that TiVo had lost the network connection at home. This has happened once or twice. I made sure to reestablish that. It was also cool enough out to require the heat in the house. I guess fall is finally here!

I spoke with Mom briefly. Also talked briefly with Jen.

Early night tonight in order to get a good night’s sleep.

Haircut and a shopping, two cents!

I finally got around to getting a haircut today. It was slightly overdue and I feel much better. Getting a haircut is much like mowing the lawn. There is something about looking at a freshly mowed lawn that reminds me of a new haircut, and there is something about a new haircut that reminds me of a freshly mowed lawn.

I did the grocery shopping today and it was one of those days where the stuff I usually buy all happened to have various bonus card discounts at once, so that a $70 grocery bill came out to a hair over $50 once all of the discounts were deducted. I felt pretty good about that, even though it took no planning on my part.

Grocery shopping

I’m just back from grocery shopping. It’s a short week since I’ll be in Orlando for 5 days of the week, but I wanted to get back into the good eating habits which I had for months and started to let slip recently, so I picked up lots of fruit and veggies and healthy things to pack in my lunches.

I needed to pick up a wedding card also, and made an interesting discovery that never occurred to me before (perhaps because someone else always bought the wedding cards). They say that Hallmark has a card for every occasion, but I defy someone to find a funny wedding card. There just don’t seem to be any funny wedding cards out there. All of them are so serious, no wonder there is so much pressure on a new bride and groom. They are receiving cards by the dozen with words like “forever”, “an eternity”, “’til death…” and so on. Give these guys a break! They just got hitched. How about some levity to ease the stress? I think a bride and groom would appreciate this, but apparently, weddings are strictly solemn affairs.

Clothes shopping

I don’t go clothes shopping very often but I am just back from venturing out into the snow storm in order to do some clothes shopping. What makes this unusual is that I did some clothes shopping only a few months ago, and more than once a year for me is unusual.

The reason I had to do the clothes shopping is that my current clothes (even the relatively new ones) are beginning to fit too tightly. This is the first outward sign I have (other than looking in the mirror) that the workouts are paying off. My jeans are too tight, not so much around the waist but in the leg. They were getting uncomfortable. My shirts are too tight, too. Also, I needed some new gym clothes. So I went to Old Navy, The Gap, and Target, and between them ($249 later), I bought 10 new shirts (large instead of medium), 2 new pair of jeans some new workout attire, and a bunch of extra hangers to hang it all up on in my closet.

This concludes (hopefully) my clothes shopping for the next 12 months or so.

What to do while stuck in NYC for an extra day

First, jkashlock and I had a big breakfast. Remember that I didn’t eat before my workout this morning, so I was pretty hungry when it was all over. We went to a little diner on the corner of 85th and 3rd and had eggs and bacon and hash browns and toast. Then we decided to do some book shopping. We went down to Strand Books. I’ve been to Strand many times and I’ve never been impressed with their science fiction selection, but with a dearth of used book shops remaining, it ranks as the only remaining large used bookstore that I know of in the city. I picked up two books while there: Son of Man by Robert Silverberg, and Death By Black Hole and Other Cosmic Quandaries by Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Next we walked to the other side of Union Square and headed briefly into a sporting goods store so that Jason could buy an $18 rubber band.

Then we went into Barnes and Noble. I didn’t buy any books there, but Jason did. All told, Jason got five books, compared to my two.

We headed into the subway and up toward Times Square for our next engagement: lunch with jen_ashlock (who was, apparently, one of the few people in the city who had to work today). We had a lunch at a hidden pizza place on 38th or 39th, and the pizza was quite good.

By the time lunch was over, we felt is was wise to head back home and catch up on some of our reading. But as we passed the apartment, I remembered my Cold Stone gift card, and we made a detour to Cold Stone so that I could get myself a large chocolate shake. Shake in hand, we climbed the five flights of stairs back to Jen and Jason’s apartment where I promptly fell asleep until just a few minutes ago.

And so there you have it, all the excitement one can dream of packing into an extra day while stuck in New York City!

P.S.: frustrated with the seat I was assigned for my 7:30 flight back home, I realized that the plane was a 757 and decided to upgrade my seat. The upgrade went through no problem, so while I might be getting home late, I am nevertheless flying first class.

Wrap up

I went to see The Good Shepard this afternoon. It was okay, but I liked Rocky Balboa better. I guess I don’t normally go out on Christmas, because I figured I stop at the bookstore next to the theater: and it was closed. In fact, every store was closed. Even the grocery store was closed when I drove past on my way home. Good thing I have some food in the house.

The weather conspired against me, forcing me to miss my cardio workout today. The gym was closed so I decided to go running. But then it started raining and it hasn’t stopped. Now, I could run in the rain, but I decided I didn’t want to give myself a cold and risk missing further workouts, so I didn’t do the cardio workout today.

However, I am ready for my upper body workout tomorrow morning. I’m getting up a 4:30, and hopefully, the gym won’t be too busy, what with lots of people out for the rest of the year. My lunch is packed and the laundry is done and I’m planning on getting to bed even before 8:30 tonight so that I can do some reading before heading off to sleep.

Lazy Sunday morning

Sunday is my “free” day as part of this new plan of mine. I don’t have to workout, I don’t have to stick to my 5-meals/day. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to. I can have a lazy Sunday morning and that is perfectly fine. So it was that I slept in until about 9 AM and that was about the laziest part of my morning. After I got up, I ran out to do the grocery shopping for the week, stocking up on what I needed to get me through 30 meals for the week. When I got back home I did some house cleaning. I cleaned out the fridge, the cupboards, got rid of a ton and a half of trash, started some laundry, did some dusting and Windexing, and vacuuming up a few rooms.

For the 30 minutes remaining on this Sunday morning, I think I can finally be lazy. I’m thinking about treating myself to a nice lunch today, but I haven’t decided where I’d like to go. I’ve got a craving for In ‘n’ Out, but 2288 United miles seems excessive, even for something as good as a Double-Double.

How to resolve boredom

I mentioned the other day that I couldn’t decide what to read and with the weekend coming up, I felt I needed to take preemptive action. So at lunch today, I went down stairs and got my spending money for the week ($100). Then I walked over to Borders. I bought 2 books, Humans and Hybrids both by Robert J. Sawyer (I’ve already read Hominids). Then, just for good measure, I also purchased seasons 3 and 4 of NYPD Blue. It came to $99.71. There goes the spending money for the week. Fortunately, I had some left over from last week.

The thing is, I’m not sure I want to read the two Sawyer books yet. Last night I was thinking about reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer (which I read once in college) and the other two books in that trilogy (which I haven’t read).

I could spend the time writing a new story, but I’m not quite there yet. (Almost, but not quite.)

Ah, they hell with it. I’m going home, watching some Blue, watching Battlestar Galactica and figure out what to do next when that’s over.

Meanwhile, it’s time for a chocolate shake.

Oh Christmas Tree?

The mall above which my office building sits has put up its Christmas tree and other holiday decorations, and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! They completely skipped over the Thanksgiving holiday and went right for the big money. In fact, in order to compete with Walmart and other department stores, this mall (a high-end mall) is opening at 5 AM on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I didn’t think people were able to wake up that early after consuming all of that Tryptophan.