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30 minutes until the 100th episode of Smallville

Half an hour to go until what might be the best episode of the best season yet of Smallville. Season five has blown away the other seasons (which in themselves were good). Now, I’m just 30 minutes away from the highly anticipated 100th episode, “Reckoning”. Four things are supposed to happen:

1. Clark tells Lana his secret
2. Clark proposes to Lana
3. We find out who wins the senate election
4. A major character dies; some “who Clark loves”.

There can only be two possibilities: Clark’s dad or Lana. My bet is on Lana.

In a recent interview, Tom Welling said that after this episode, we will really start to see the characters learn who they are and move in their destined directions. I’m excited…

Twenty-five minutes to go!

Hugh Laurie win the Golden Globe

This is how out of touch I am: I just found out that Hugh Laurie won the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama series, playing the role of Dr. Gregory House, the doctor we all love to hate. I didn’t watch the Golden Globes–haven’t watched them since I moved out of L.A.–but I was glad to hear that Hugh won. House is a great show–the rare show these days that emphasizes scientific method and the use of reason and logic; as opposed to the flim-flam that’s presented in shows like “Medium” and “Supernatural”. (Or worse yet, Psychic Detectives on Court TV. Don’t get me started on that!)