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My first foreign translation

Yesterday, I was contacted by the editor of the website for the Israeli Science Fiction Society, asking permission to translate “Old School Science Fiction Flame Wars“, the inaugural post for my Wayward Time Traveler column on SF Signal. The translation would be into Hebrew, of course. After checking with the good folks over at SF Signal, I agreed to this enthusiastically, and it makes this piece the first thing of mine to be translated into another language, fiction or nonfiction. I couldn’t be more pleased since I am excited about the new column and I’ve had a number of people tell me that they enjoyed it. It is a little remarkable to think that people nearly halfway around the world are reading what I write.

Of course, this would never have happened had I not been asked to write the column in the first place, and for that I have John DeNardo, head honcho over at SF Signal to thank.

I’ve been told that the translation will be posted in several weeks. Once it is posted, I’ll make an announcement here. It will be interesting to see it in Hebrew. I can probably just barely still read (phonetically) the words, sounding them out, but I’d have no idea what they are saying–other than to know what I wrote in that piece. Fortunately, I know several people who are fluent in Hebrew and I’ll ask them about how it “reads” in translation.

And incidentally, the second post in my Wayward Time Traveler column should be up sometime tomorrow. I hope people enjoy it just as much as the first one.

My new column at SF Signal is live

The inaugural post of my new column, The Wayward Time-Traveler, is live. In this first column, I discuss “Old School Science Fiction Flame Wars“. If you are so inclined, go check it out and join the discussion. And thanks once again to the folks overt at SF Signal who invited me to write a science fiction column for them. They are a good bunch, and while you are over at the site, you should check out all of the other outstanding content they have to offer.

The new blogging gig

It is always humbling when people take notice of your writing, be that writing fiction, nonfiction, stories or blogging. Back in January, I was asked by the folks at i09 to reprint one of my posts. Early this week, I was asked by the good folks over at SF Signal if I would like to become a contributor there, writing a column on science fiction. I am happy to say that I have accepted this invitation and I am honored to be associated with such a fine website.

For those of my friends outside the genre who might be unfamiliar with SF Signal, they are among the finest sites to go for news and blogs on science fiction and fantasy anywhere on the web. Their Mind Meld’s are great reads for anyone who enjoys science fiction and fantasy. They are prolific reviewers of genre books, to say nothing of an excellent source for news in genre. Their daily Tidbits is the first thing I look at each day when I hit my RSS feed.

The column I’ll be writing is called THE WAYWARD TIME-TRAVELER (tip o’the cap to Barry Malzberg who helped me come up with the title) and I’ll be making my first post there in the very near future (don’t worry; I’ll let you know when it is available so that you can go and read it). While you are there, I hope you will take a look at everything else they have to offer because it really is a comprehensive site for the science fiction/fantasy genre.

I’m grateful for John DeNardo and the folks at SF Signal for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to the discussions we’ll have over there.

And before you ask, this blog here will continue, business as usual. My Vacation in the Golden Age posts will still appear here each Monday, as will the usual mishmash of stuff you find here every day. You’ll will just have an additional place to go to read about my thoughts on various aspects of science fiction.

I look forward to seeing you over there soon.