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Coldest morning so far

This morning felt the like the coldest morning so far this winter. It’s crystal clear out, but there is a howling wind that blew through the night. My ears got so cold waiting for the train this morning that they started to hurt (I didn’t have a hat). That is an indication of just how cold it was. There was no ice on the car this morning, mainly because the air is so dry due to the wind.

Surprisingly, however, the Potomic river has still not frozen over yet this winter. It first froze over last winter on December 28, but it was a roiling and stormy last night and relatively placid this morning.

Warm rain

I awoke this morning from a night of troubled dreams, to find myself transformed in my bed into a giant sleepyhead.

Fortunately, the sound of rain soon washed away the cobwebs. I headed out to warm up the car (by force of habit) and it felt warm out. It was raining steadily and even the rain felt warm. Maybe that’s just the way things feel after spending a few days at below zero temperatures, but I liked it. It’s still raining out, but the temperature is now up to 52 degrees, which is unseasonably warm for this time of year in the Metro D.C. area.

I’m in the middle of a tough problem, trying to re-map some database records on certain record changes, and I’m finding that it’s a little trickier than I thought. It’s nice to be able to look out my office window and see the rain coming down on the mall skylights and the warm, dark clouds hovering overhead.

Unusually foggy morning

It was unusally foggy for the DC area this morning–for any time of year–but especially, it seems, for winter. It’s not that cold out so that dew point must be up there. Crossing the Potomic this morning, I could not see the Jefferson Memorial, or the Washington Monument. I could barely see the car bridges that run parallel to the metro bridge.

It’s supposed to be mostly sunny today with the temperature reaching just about 60 degrees.

Spring-like weather in DC

When I left work this evening, around 4:30 PM, I stepped outside into unusually warm sixty-one degree weather. There was the faint smell of spring in the air. I didn’t even need to button up my jacket. It looks as though the temperatures are going to remain mild for the rest of the week, with temps in the mid-to-upper 50s. It’s nice to have a little bit of spring in middle of winter.

It’s actually been a mild winter here in DC so far. The (Potomic) River hasn’t iced over yet. That’s been my sign for the last three winters that Winter Is Really Here. Last year, the River had frozen over by December 28th, so already we’re behind schedule. Jen mentioned it snowed yesterday morning in New York, so I’ve got nothing to complain about.

Mostly, I just enjoyed sniffing the warm air on the way home from work.