Laughing Outloud: On the Metro

People collect different things. I collect books, for instance, while other people collect butterflies. One amusing thing that I have started to collect are snippets from books that I happen to be on the Metro to or from work, and which happen to be funny enough to make my laugh outloud.

This may not seem earth-shattering, and it’s not. What amuses me about it is that I can’t help from laughing. There I am, surrounded by the rush hour crowds on the train, nose buried in a book and suddenly I am laughing. Uproariously. I imagine it must make for an amusing sight to the other commuters.

At any event, whenever I come across one of these passages that make me laugh outloud on the metro, I plan to include a quote from the passage in a blog entry. All entries will be prefaced with “Laughing Outloud:” or you can find them by clicking on the Laughing Outloud on the Metro link on my reading list website.

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