Site Policies

I frequently receive requests addressed to the “Jamie Todd Rubin team” for things like guest posts, link-sharing, and even advertising. This page summarizes my policies on these requests.


If I have not specifically asked you to write something for the blog you can safely assume the answer is no.

I do not accept any of these for the blog

  • unsolicited guest posts, or “articles” as some people like to call them
  • link exchanges or adding “relevant links” to posts
  • advertising
  • I do not update old posts to reflect new information

Why not?

  1. The “team” here is composed of exactly one person: me. I’d rather spend me time writing my own posts than reading the posts of others and trying to decide if they’d be a fit for my audience.
  2. I have plenty of ideas of my own that I want to write about.
  3. Most of the unsolicited requests I receive are suspiciously vague. A typical request reads as follows, “I have been reading your articles on and really enjoyed them.” Call me skeptical.
  4. On rare occasions, a specific post is mentioned, or at the very least, a general topic area. If I have a post on my site that is on a subject that your business is interested in, it is likely because I have more than 7,300 posts and cover lots of ground. Chances are pretty good I’ve covered something in wheelhouse of a particular business. Chances are also good that I’ve only done so in a single post.
  5. This blog is a hobby, and has been for the last 18+ years. I want it to be fun for my readers, and I also want it to be fun for me. Wading through unsolicited guest post requests, link sharing requests, etc. is not my idea of fun.
  6. I don’t have time to vet “relevant links” that people request me to add to a post.
  7. I don’t go back and change old posts with updated information because I am not wikipedia. A link or reference in a post that is 8 or 10 years old can stay that way. It is actually useful because it helps to provide historical context, and serves as a waypoint when searching the Wayback machine and other Internet archives. Also, see #1 above. If I tried keeping up with outdated links, and other items, I’d never have time to write something new. You don’t see Andy Rooney, E. B. White, or Isaac Asimov out revising old essays — at best they will just write new ones. (Also, they are all three dead, and no longer have to worry about requests like these.)

There is a link to these policies in the sidebar on every post.

Updated on November 20, 2023.