Science Fiction Age re-read

During it’s 8-year run Science Fiction Age was, in my opinion, the best science fiction magazine since John Campbell’s ASTOUNDING of the 1940s or Hoarce Gold’s GALAXY of the 1950s.  I have a complete run, all 46 issues and I have been slowly re-reading each issue cover-to-cover and commenting on them.  I plan to cover about 1 issue each month.  An index of all of the issues is below.  I am working on putting together a story and author index as well.


sfa november 1992.jpg


Science Fiction Age January 1993.png Science Fiction Age March 1993.png Science Fiction Age May 1993.png
Science Fiction Age July 1993.png Science Fiction Age September 1993.png Science Fiction Age November 1993.png
July September November


Science Fiction Age January 1994.png Science Fiction Age March 1994.png SF AGE May 1994.jpg
January March May


  1. This is amazing. I have all the issues of Science Fiction Age, one of the best magazines ever published. I wish it was still around. I’ve been trying to remember a specific story (it was rather lengthy, probably a novella) that was in the newspaper-print center pages rather than the glossy pages, it told the story of a new currency that was developed, terrific speculation that I think is eerily similar to what’s happening with Bitcoin now. I haven’t been able to hunt down that story, can’t remember the title or author. Does it ring any bells?

    1. Kikstad, I had to check with Scott Edelman, who edited SF Age for it’s entire 8-year run. According to Scott, the story you are thinking of is “Spondulix” by Paul Di Filippo. It appeared in the September 1995 issue of Science Fiction Age.

      1. That’s it! Thank you and Scott so much. And such a quick reply! Now I won’t have to dig through the magazines stored away in the garage. I will likely blog about this later today and I’ll be sure to give you and your site a shout out. Many thanks again.

  2. I just found ten or so issues if this from the 96 to 98 time frame and I forgot how much I really enjoyed this magazine. The coverage of what was new in the SF world, the artwork, the stories, and the general kick it gave to my imagination. God how I miss it.

  3. I too have been considering rereading those wonderful SFA issues I still own. Good reading. Would you know if it’s possible to get those out-of-print issues? -RJ

    1. I have the following issues available. $10 for all of them plus whatever shipping costs: Jan 97; Nov 93; Jan 95; March 94; July 95; Sept 95; Sept 94; July 95. Plus I will throw in “Absolute Magnitude & Aboriginal Science Fiction” Issue #20. All are in great shape.

  4. Have you come across the one about a small crew that sets out to rescue an initial crew that went missing after touching down on a formless planet? The story is told first person by the male character. There is also a female data scientist and a female security officer. Once they set down, the planet brings to life their deepest desires. The security officer meets her match in a duel, the main character falls in love with someone from his past, and the scientist discovers the secret of the planet that ultimately saves herself and the main character. I’ve been searching for this story for years without any luck.

  5. Anyone remember the name of the artist who illustrated a few stories in Science Fiction Age and Realms of Fantasy, who had a very distinctive style — photo realistic but digitally modified for fantastic elements? Trying to remember and I dont have access to my old magazine copies.


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