A week or two ago, I used a gift card I’d gotten to order some books and DVDs. They were at my door when I got home today. The book I ordered was Robert Silverberg’s Book of Skulls, which he himself recommended to me when I wrote to him to tell him how much I liked his time travel novel Up the Line. The DVDs I got were Contact and 2010.

I hadn’t seen Contact in a while, and I watched it again this evening. It stood up to my memory of it, and to this day, I still think it’s the best movie based on a science fiction novel I’ve ever seen. I loved Carl Sagan’s novel, Contact–it’s on my list of favorites. The movie, although with some differences in it than the book, stands up and is impressive, and to me, very moving. (The opening sequence is outstanding, as is the scene where Ellie is traveling through wormholes.) It’s intelligent, thought-provoking, and by far the best and most realistic movie I’ve ever seen about alien contact.


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