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Connie Willis is the next Grand Master of science fiction

I just saw the news via Locus and I am so excited! Connie Willis is the next recipient Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master award for science fiction. I love Connie’s books and stories. Doomsday Book was incredible and for a time, I thought unbeatable. But then she came out with Blackout/All Clear which topped Doomsday Book (in my humble opinion) and also won her the Hugo and Nebula for Best Novel in 2010 (and it was the first Nebula that I was eligible to vote for).

I will be attending the festivities at the Nebula Award weekend this May–which is taking place practically across the street from my office and 10 minutes from my house–and I can’t wait to congratulate Connie in person. This is just so cool!

A plug for other writers: my Hugo nominations

I finally got around to making my Hugo nominations this morning, after I realized that I’d moved on to 2012 reading and wasn’t planning on doing anymore reading for 2011. I’m listing my nominations below because these writers wrote some outstanding stories and deserve recognition for them. If you haven’t made your nominations yet, or not sure what to nominate, you should consider these folks below.

Best short story

Best novelette

  • “Therapeutic Mathematics and the Physics of Curveballs” by Gray Rinehart (Analog, Septmber 2011)
  • The Observation Post” by Allen M. Steele (Asimov’s September 2011)

Best novella

Best novel

  • 11/22/63 by Stephen King (Scribner)
  • Firebird by Jack McDevitt (Ace)

Best fan writer

All of these stories are, in my opinion, award-worthy and they made for a great year of reading for me.

Hugo nominations are open

Hugo award nominations are now open. If you attended last year’s WorldCon (attending or supporting) and/or are attending Chicon this year, you are eligible to make nominations.

Because I’ve gotten the question, here are my eligible publications for the year:

Since my first pro story was published back in 2007, I am not eligible for the Campbell Award this year.

ETA: It was brought to my attention that I am also eligible for the Fan Writer nomination for:

There were lots of great stories published this year. Go forth and nominate!