What I have read since 1996

This is my official reading list, containing all of the books that I have read and completed since January 1, 1996. Versions of this list are also available on Goodreads and LibraryThingBold titles indicate my favorite books. Blue titles indicate books I’ve read on the Kindle. Orange titles indicate audiobooks. A ^after the title indicates a re-read of the book. Note that this page is generated automatically from a text file that I store on Dropbox. For those interested in how I do this, I’ve made my code available on Github.



  1. I regret not having such detailed statistics going so far back, Jamie. I’ve consumed more than 600 books since 2004 (when my stats begin). But that’s all I know 🙂

  2. Paul, keeping this in mind, I’ve already started lists of books read for both of my kids. If they want to continue it when they are older and can maintain the lists themselves, they’ll have a far better record than I ever had. 🙂


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