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Thanks go out to Norm (and Vicky) for pointing me to this hilarious bit on David Spade’s show, where he makes fun of how dramatic David Caruso is on CSI Miami. (He calls it “Carusotas”.) This is a long standing joke between Norm, Vicky and I. Norm and Vicky watch the CSI programs and once pointed out to me how dramatic Caruso is. He can do amazing things with sunglasses, for instance. We spent half an evening one night, replaying a CSI scene again and again on Norm’s TiVo and it was hilarious.

It’s nice to see that we are not the only people who noticed. It’s method acting, “Miami style”!

Terror on the Wing

Last summer, I did my first acting gig playing a reporting in a 48-hour film challenge movie directed by my friend Todd and his friend Chris. They do a lot of these movies and film challenges, but so far, this is the only one that I’ve been in. Chris and Todd recently started uploading these to YouTube. While the entire movie has not been uploaded, you can catch the 3:30 minute trailer below. It’s pretty amusing (remember, this is when cicadas were taking over DC last spring). Oh, and you can catch a brief glimpse of me in the trailer somewhere in the last 20 seconds.


If you liked that, check out a couple more of their short films:

Suck-u-buster 4000 commercial (Todd is the guy in the commercial. The woman who drinks the vodka is Todd’s wife.)

Slasher: The Musical, a trailer they did for the 48-hour film challenge and it’s hillarious. (Incidentally, all music was written by Todd, who is also a member of the rock band The Shimshaws and whose debut album is available on the Apple Music store.

And their lastest, Snakes In a Minivan!

Very Zucker-Abrhams-Zucker-esque.