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Presidents Day

We headed back home today.  We had such a great time visiting with strausmouse  and rmstraus –too short, really.  We left their house around 10:30 AM and we were in our door three hours later, which is just how it should be.  I’m so glad we decided to fly and not drive.  We would have lost another 12-14 hours.  The convenience of Reagan/National cannot be overlooked!

After we got home, Kelly napped for a while and a little later in the afternoon, we headed to the grocery store to do our shopping for the week.  (It felt like a Sunday all day long.)  Kelly headed to the gym and when she got home, I started cooking dinner.   I made shrimp primavera, which marks the first time I’ve ever cooked shrimp.  I had to cut out some of the ingredients for Kelly (onion and garlic) but I added some mushrooms and it turned out pretty good.  Actually, I probably didn’t make enough, but we made due with what I made, plus some dessert.

A couple of bills in the mail, including the cable bill which appeared to be wrong.  I called and in fact, the bill was wrong (it didn’t reflect the recent payment).  I tried to get access to my account on-line, but needed PIN and was directed to call Comcast to get it.  So I called back.  I was told that the PIN would be sent to my Comcast email address–which I never use and which probably requires the PIN to access it.  I tried to point this out to the fellow, but he was boxed in by his script.  About the best he could do was mail it to me through the Postal Service.  Ah well, I don’t need it anymore…

Late in the evening, we caught up on Battlestar Galactica and Big Love.  Kelly headed off to bed and I read more of Adrift before heading to bed myself.  Heading to the gym first thing in the morning.

On tour in Albany

I slept great last night and we were up around 7:30 AM and stayed in bed until the Little Dude came a-pounding at our door.  We had a light breakfast and then spent the morning lazing about, chatting.  Later in the morning, we headed downtown to have brunch.  The place we went (I can’t recall the name, but I’m sure strausmouse will remind me) was full for Valentines Day brunches, but we nevertheless managed to get a table in the bar section and that suited us just fine.  It was an excellent brunch.  I ate mine and whatever was left of Kelly’s.

After brunch, we dropped rmstraus and the dude off at home and then Eric took us on a tour of Albany.  Some of the sites were similar to the tour he gave me more than three years ago.  It was a little warmer today however.  (Click the picture to see more of my photos.  You can also find some of Eric’s photos from the weekend here.)

We toured a marvelous Catholic Church, as well as the very Gothic capital building.  We couldn’t go up to the top of the 42 story building, but we did manage to get a good view of the Egg.  We drove through the park, whose lake was iced over, and stopped in front of the giant statue of Moses.  And we drove past the Addams Family-looking house that doubles as a law office.  We tried to cross the bridge over the Hudson, but all roads seemed to lead us back into Albany.  Strange.

For dinner, Eric made an outstanding tofu lettuce wrap dish that included fried rice and hoison sauce that was so good.  Just thinking about it makes me hungry.  We didn’t risk any games late in the evening.  Instead, we watched an episode of Dexter before heading off to bed for the evening.

Valentine’s day in Albany

I gave Kelly her Valentine’s gift yesterday, since we had a busy day today, and she gave me not one but two cards this morning, which made me realize that I hadn’t gotten her any cards.  Nevertheless, we had a very nice Valentine’s day–our first as a married couple.  I was up at 6 AM to feed the cats, came back upstairs and told Kelly that I was probably just going to get up, since I was already awake.  I then promptly fell back asleep for another hour or so, which she found very amusing.

We flew out of Reagan/National and once again, it’s great living so close to that airport.  The flight to Albany was less than 1/4 full.  In fact, there were 19 people on a plane that holds 80.  It was quite possibly the emptiest flight I’ve ever been on.  We left the gate 10 minutes early and arrived in Albany nearly half an hour early.  strausmouse  was there to meet us, and we piled into his car and headed to a nearby mall where we met rmstraus  and their little dude for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  Then it was back to their house to hang out, and where lots of talk about babies took place.

Eric made an excellent dinner that consisted of pasta with sweet potatoes, to say nothing of a side salad with some homemade dressing.  And there was some pumpkin ale to go along with it.  Yum!  For dessert, there were chocolate-filled strawberries and ice cream.  We ate dessert while playing a few games of Apples to Apples.  Ryane won the first game and Eric somehow managed to win the second game.  It’s hilarious to watch those two play any game together.  Around 10 PM, Kelly and I called it a night.