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The Relaunch of Amazing Stories

For anyone who doesn’t already know: Steve Davidson is relaunching Amazing Stories, a magazine which, in its earliest incarnations is older by four years than even Astounding Stories. Steve is putting out a pre-launch issue (Volume 0, Number 1) of the magazine and I got to take a look at it. And I have to say, it’s pretty cool, and packed with lots of good stuff, including articles by Robert Silverberg and Barry N. Malzberg. Here is Steve’s official press release:

For Immediate Release

Electronic Edition of Amazing Stories Relaunch Prelaunch Issue Published

Hillsboro, NH

The electronic edition (PDF format) of the first of two Relaunch Prelaunch issues of the new Amazing Stories has been published.

Copies will be made available for download within a few days on Amazon and other electronic book outlets (with a very low price, but still a price). (Other EReader formats (with no DRM) will be available shortly.)

In the meantime, those wishing to obtain a free copy direct from the publisher – The Experimenter Publishing Company – may apply for one by:

Emailing the publisher (steve.davidson33@comcast.net)
Placing “I Want Amazing Stories” in the subject line of the email
Explaining in the body of the email why they deserve a free copy

No reasonable request will be refused.  Entries may be submitted until August 31st, midnight est.  One copy per customer.

HINT:  (Big Hint)

Applicants who are already registered with the Amazing Stories Blog (http://asmblog.amazingstoriesmag.com) or who have already liked the Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/amazingstories)


Are likely to receive preferential treatment.

The Relaunch Prelaunch issues were conceived by the Experimenter Publishing Company as a way to attract and retain visitors to the website following the announcement at Readercon and San Diego ComicCon of the company’s licensing deal.  The deal will see the publication of a series of graphic story anthologies (SF, Fantasy, Horror) under the title of Amazing Stories (graphic stories).

The two issues utilized materials obtained through various means from individuals within the field who have an intense, personal interest in seeing Amazing Stories return to active publication.

Some news and coming attractions

Several items of note today worth sharing with you on the science fiction/writing front:

  • Since the word is now out, my Vacation in the Golden Age posts will be reprinted at the new Amazing Stories website beginning with Episode #1 on Monday, October 10. I believe they will continue every other week thereafter, putting them on an alternating schedule with the current episodes. New episodes of my Vacation will continue to appear here on my blog as scheduled, but you can now also find the reprints over at Amazing Stories. The reprinting will be about 2 issue-years behind the current episode. When you think about it, this is really kind of cool. Amazing Stories was around back in the days that Astounding was a burgeoning magazine and Amazing will now be reporting about those early days in Astounding. Be sure to check it out on Monday.
  • On October 18, I will be hosting a discussion here on the blog with author Bryan Thomas Schmidt as part of his blog tour for his new book The Worker Prince. We’ll be talking about the Golden Age and how Golden Age influences crept into Bryan’s book. It should be a lot of fun, so watch out for it.
  • I will be writing a guest post on a famous quote from science fiction as part of banned book month later on this month. More information on this a little later in the month.
  • Early in January, I will be on the #sffwrtcht to talk about science fiction and writing. I’m looking forward to that; it should be a lot of fun.
  • I am working on a secret project about which I can’t tell you anything, other than to say it is science fiction-related.  But I thought I’d stick in it here to tease you. I should be able to talk about this in more detail at the end of March, if all goes well.
There you have it. Somehow, I am managing to keep pretty busy, but I don’t mind being busy when the work is fun. And this stuff is fun.