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Just 25 Hours Left In John Picacio’s 2013 Calendar Kickstarter

Art work in science fiction has been with the genre since its beginnings. I became much more attuned to the art work, both covers and interiors, as I embarked on my Vacation in the Golden Age, getting to see covers and drawings by golden age masters. There have been many outstanding science fiction artists that I have admired and John Picacio certainly fits into that category. He is a recent recipient of the Hugo Award for Best Artist, well deserved and perhaps even long overdue. And now, he’s producing what looks to be a gorgeous calendar containing his artwork for 2013. The project is being funded through Kickstarter and as of this writing has about 25 hours left. Happy, for all the backers thus far, John has already made his initial funding goal and is now aiming for some stretch goals. If you love art, science fiction and would like them combined in a gorgeous and practical way, consider backing this worthy project.


Some miscellaneous items from today, before I head off to bed:

  • I finally got around to looking through the Rome and Florance pictures from vickyandnorm‘s trip to Italy. Some of that art looked awfully familiar. I felt as though I was having flashbacks to 11th grade art history. “The Rape of the Sabine Women”…? And as usual, some entertaining captions.
  • Received and paid my enormous $20 gas bill this month.
  • Did my afternoon workout with Bernard, but I’m too tired to record it now, so I’ll get it posted tomorrow.

I’m 38 pages through Brainiac and loving it! I think strausmouse would like it too. Just as I feel like a mental midget when standing next to Norm, I also feel like a trivia toad beside the likes of Eric, who conjures up from his memory more obscurely random facts than I could ever dream to. And that’s saying something!