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When connected is too connected

I hate to bring this up again, but it’s been happening more and more and I just don’t completely understand it. Just about every time I go into the men’s room at work and someone else happens to be in there, that someone else happens also to be busy on their mobile device. At first, you could hear the soft clicking keys of a BlackBerry emanated from within a stall (in and among other sounds). That someone can’t even go to the can without having to read and reply to email messages is a bit disturbing. But it is at least somewhat understandable. I mean, you’re sitting there right, your hands a free and you’ve got a few moments on your hand. Why not?

But then, I walked into the men’s room the other day and found myself standing at the urinal beside a fellow who was texting or IMing and emailing on his BlackBerry at the urinal next to me. He was doing this with two hands, unashamed, while emptying his bladder. Some might call this multitasking. But come on, I mean there is a line right? There is a point at which the IM or the text message or the email can wait the 60 seconds or so it takes to relieve yourself. No text message is so urgent that it must be coterminous with expulsion of the morning coffee, right? This is the part that I just don’t get. This is the part that seems to me to be too connected. And I wonder if this is just a guy thing. Do women find the same thing going on in their restrooms? (Granted, women don’t have urinals in their restrooms, but those BlackBerry keyboards are surprisingly noisy. My guess would be that they do not do this–at least not as frequently.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to run to the john. Someone just texted me and I’ve got two more emails to reply to.

Things it’s not cool to do in public restrooms

I may have mentioned this before to some of you, but I was reminded of these once again today:

  • Regardless of what you might think, grunting of any kind is not cool in a public restroom. That kind of thing goes over well in a Jim Carrey movie but is simply disturbing in the real world.
  • It’s also not cool to answer your phone, either standing at the urinal or in one of the stalls. I mean, if you are really that busy than what are you doing in the bathroom in the first place
  • Just because no one can see who you are doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your hands. I’ve got to touch that door handle after you!

I imagine other people have similar lists.

You’d think people would know these things. Maybe the President needs to give a speech in support of better public restroom etiquette. (Cue for President-in-bathroom jokes.) That would get their attention!

Bathroom talk

Here is the situation: 3 urinals are set in a wall. A person occupies the leftmost and rightmost urinal, making the middle one the only that is available. Naturally, that’s the one you use. Now add to this situation the fact that the guy on the left and right of you are having an in-depth, work-related conversation. They are just standing there at the urinals, gabbing away. There are there gabbing when I get into the restroom, and they are there gabbing when I leave the restroom. The funny thing is that neither of them step away from the urinals. Unless they have horse-like bladders, they are simply so involved in their conversation that they have forgotten where they are. In fact, I don’t think they even noticed me.

I just hope they don’t forget to wash their hands.