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Here comes the rain again

It was actually warm last night and never really cooled down. When I went to bed, I let the bedroom window open and even in the house it didn’t cool down. But it rained, and the sound of the rain was wonderful and helped to lull me to sleep.

It looks like its supposed to be overcast and rainy throughout the day today. It might even begin to cool off the latter half of this week, which means it may begin to feel more fall-like. I can’t wait.

Lots of phone calls last night. I spoke to Dad. He and Mom were at the airport in Vegas waiting to fly home. As usual, Mom won. Dad bet on the Mets in 2008 in the sports book. That’s team loyalty for you. I also spoke to he11o_sunshine, strausmouse, and vickyandnorm. Looks like a bunch of us will be getting together for a visit on Veterans Day weekend.

I am finally caught up on The Shield. Over the course of the last 2 weeks or so, I’ve gone through all 6 seasons, something like 70+ episodes. Season 7 is scheduled to start in January and I’ve already setup a Season Pass for it on TiVo.

Bug closure progress

Well, I closed about 11 bugs on the application today (some took longer than others, some were enhancements, not bugs) and I’m actually pretty pleased with my overall progress. More tomorrow.

AJ called a little while ago to tell me they’d be here by about 7:20 PM, which is only 50 minutes later than they originally said. I’m craving Mexican so maybe I can convince them to go over to Chevy’s for dinner.

Had a call from Dad who was checking to see if my car is still at the Metro station. I suppose it is. I didn’t check when I went back this morning, but I guess I’ll find out when I get there tonight. I also had a call from jen_ashlock and we ended up talking on the phone for about 30 minutes.

My iPod battery is dead. First time I’ve let it drain all the way since I got it. I couldn’t even use it for my workout earlier.

I’m quitting for the night. I brought along volume 1, issue 2 of SCIENCE FICTION AGE and I started reading it on the train this morning. I’ll read a little more now while I wait for AJ and Denisse.